Riviera Beach Robbery Man in Custody for Stealing $5,000 Gold Chain

Riviera Beach Robbery: Man in Custody for Stealing $5,000 Gold Chain

A man, aged 40, has been arrested by the police for allegedly stealing a gold chain during a robbery in Riviera Beach last week.

The incident took place on June 30, around 5:17 p.m., at the Riviera Beach Marina Village Event Center.

According to the Riviera Beach police, a distinctive gold chain worth approximately $5,000 was stolen during the robbery.

After conducting further investigations and reviewing video surveillance footage, the police identified the suspect as Justin Williams.

On July 1, it was discovered that Williams was already in custody at the Palm Beach County Jail on an unrelated charge.

The police stated that additional evidence linked Williams to the robbery in Riviera Beach, leading to additional charges being filed against him for his involvement in the incident.

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