Sarasota Military Academy High School Teacher Arrested for Lewd Acts with Students!

Sarasota Military Academy High School Teacher Arrested for Lewd Acts with Students!

Sarasota police have arrested and charged a teacher at Sarasota Military Academy High School with touching children in an inappropriate, lewd, or sexual way.

A criminal charge has been brought against Michele Little, a teacher at the school.

When someone from the school told officers stories about a student and Little, Sarasota Police started their investigation.

During their investigation, Sarasota Police learned that the student said Little had made several sexual comments to him.

The student told the cops that he went to Little’s classroom during lunch and that Little put a sign on the door that said “Testing/Tutoring” so that the student and Little would be the only ones in the room and no one else would come in.

The student then asked Little what she was going to do after school, according to the Sarasota Police. She said she was putting things away in her room.

The report says that at that point, the student joked that he could help her if she needed it. Little then told him that she did want help and said yes.

Police in Sarasota say the student went back to the classroom after school and saw that Little had pushed open the door with a pencil.

Little shut the blinds when the student walked into the classroom, and the student turned on a computer.

This was so that if anyone walked in, he could act like he was working on a computer.

The student said he was on the computer, and he and Little “made out” for 10 to 15 minutes before the student left the classroom.

Little was taken to the Sarasota County Jail after being arrested on Friday.

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