Secure Havens: Tennessee's 5 Cities Offering Safety and Serenity

Secure Havens: Tennessee’s 5 Cities Offering Safety and Serenity

Not only is Tennessee renowned for its vibrant culture, rich musical legacy, and stunning scenery, but it also has some of the safest cities in the country.

As we approach 2024, both locals and guests continue to place a high premium on safety. Here, we examine the five Tennessee cities that are notable for their dedication to public safety and welfare.


The town of Loudon, which has 6,479 residents, has an excellent safety record. With only 15 violent crime events per 100,000 residents, it is the second safest place in terms of crime rates.

Furthermore, Loudon is the sixth safest place in terms of property crimes, with only 493 incidences per 100,000 residents. The community boasts an astoundingly low murder rate of 0 per 100,000 residents, with zero reported homicides.

These figures support Loudon’s standing as a safe and serene neighborhood that offers its citizens a sense of security and peace of mind.

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Oakland, home to 10,004 people, has excellent safety records. With just 99 recorded violent crime events per 100,000 population, the city ranks ninth in the nation.

Tennessee's 5 Cities Offering Safety and Serenity

In addition, it has one of the lowest rates of property crime (229 per 100,000 residents), making it one of the safest. There were two killings in the city, though, for a murder rate of 19 per 100,000 people.

Nevertheless, Oakland’s overall crime profile shows that the city is committed to preserving public safety and welfare.

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Nolensville, a 16,990-person town, is renowned for its excellent safety record. With 88 incidences, it has an encouragingly low rate of violent crimes per 100,000 residents, making it the seventh safest place.

Furthermore, with just 329 property crimes per 100,000 residents, Nolensville ranks third in terms of safety against property crimes.

The aforementioned figures highlight Nolensville’s dedication to guaranteeing the safety and welfare of its inhabitants, rendering it a desirable and serene community for residence.

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With 5,931 persons, Erwin is a small town with an exceptional safety record. It ranks fourth in terms of violent crimes per 100,000 residents. It’s one of the safest communities in the area, with only 50 violent offenses per 100,000 residents.

Tennessee's 5 Cities Offering Safety and Serenity

Erwin also ranks 11th safest with 556 property crimes per 100,000 population, indicating excellent protection against property crimes. Erwin’s dedication to preserving a safe and tranquil atmosphere for its inhabitants is demonstrated by the low rates of both violent and property crimes.

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With 6,067 residents, Kingston has an impressive safety record, coming in third place for violent crimes per 100,000 people. This figure shows how dedicated the community is to keeping its residents safe and secure.

Furthermore, Kingston is among the top 15 safest cities in terms of property crime, with only 774 crimes committed against every 100,000 residents.

To Conclude

Tennessee has a compelling blend of natural beauty, rich cultural history, and Southern charm. But safety is the top priority for people looking for a place to call home.

These five outstanding cities in Tennessee are the best places to reside if you’re searching for safety and security: Oakland, Erwin, Nolensville, Loudon, and Kingston.

These areas are great for raising a family or just enjoying a tranquil existence because they all have low crime rates and a strong commitment to public safety.

Come enjoy everything that Tennessee has to offer, including stunning scenery, a thriving cultural scene, and most importantly, tranquility.