Serious Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-95 in Miami Hospitalizes Three
Image Source: WSVN

Serious Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-95 in Miami Hospitalizes Three

A severe collision blocking all five southbound lanes of Interstate 95 in Miami resulted in a prolonged closure of the highway and the hospitalization of three individuals.

Emergency teams from the City of Miami Fire Rescue were dispatched to the scene of the multi-vehicle accident at approximately 6:20 a.m. on Sunday.

Upon arrival, first responders discovered three vehicles, one of which was an 18-wheeler, had been part of the collision.

A first responder in radio transmissions said that “It looks like we have a possible trapped victim by the tractor-trailer. We’re getting to that now. We also have what appears to be a possible trauma alert on the right-hand side.

Tony Navarro, a kind-hearted Good Samaritan who also happens to be an off-duty paramedic, shared that he came to the aid of the victims while en route to his workplace.

“Navarro stated, “I noticed the jackknifed tractor-trailer when I looked to the right, I could see this vehicle, and I saw that no fire rescue or police personnel were on scene so I immediately rendered assistance as the first responder until fire rescue arrived.”

“We have … someone on scene that has training. He’s trying to stabilize,” said a first responder in radio transmissions.

Two patients, a male and a female, were safely transported in serious condition to the Ryder Trauma Center, while another female patient was conveyed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

Although the full extent of the victims’ injuries remains uncertain, there is optimism that all three will recover.

The Florida Highway Patrol is spearheading the inquiry into the accident.

The accident occurred near Northwest 62nd Street, according to the investigation.