Shootout in Miami's Liberty City Convicted Felon's Violent Encounter

Shootout in Miami’s Liberty City: Convicted Felon’s Violent Encounter

MIAMI – On July 23 in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood, a man was preparing to return to his Porsche when he noticed a red Hyundai pulling up, driven by an armed convicted felon, identified as Marcus Bernard Finch, according to the police.

This convict, Marcus Bernard Finch, had previously been charged with attempted murder and had been released from prison on March 8, following a conviction in 2008 for attempted murder.

The shootout occurred around 10:45 a.m. in the 1700 block of Northwest 44th Street, as per the arrest report. Finch arrived at the scene in a rented Sonata with stolen tags.

He confronted the first victim, who was walking back to his Porsche, by holding a pistol to his head and threatening him not to move. Upon noticing that the victim also had a gun in his waistband, Finch inquired about it and a struggle ensued.

The victim managed to shoot Finch in the torso, but Finch gained control of the victim’s gun and shot him in the left arm.

During the gunfight, a woman present at the scene was also shot in the hip and later identified as the second victim.

After the altercation, Finch fled the scene in the woman’s Jeep, instructing her to drive him away. She dropped him off at a gas station, and a witness called 911. The witness later accompanied the female victim to Jackson North Medical Center.

Medics picked up Finch from the gas station and took him to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment, while the male victim went home, called the police, and was also taken to JMH.

In addition to the two new attempted murder charges, Finch faced a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Details of his 2008 attempted murder conviction were not readily available.

Finch had a lengthy criminal record and had previously been released from prison in 2015 after serving 12 years, but had ended up in state custody twice more due to probation violations.

He was known by various aliases and street names, including “James Mickens,” “Cedric Palmer,” “Joshua White,” and “Big Point.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, Finch was being held in Ward D at JMH, a specialized unit for inmates requiring specialized medical treatment.

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