Soccer Match in Miami Beach Ends in Bloodshed Man Accused of Stabbing Friend
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Soccer Match in Miami Beach Ends in Bloodshed: Man Accused of Stabbing Friend

Police say a 34-year-old homeless guy stabbed his companion while they were watching a soccer match at a Miami Beach residence. The man was taken into custody on Monday.

Just before 10:30 on Monday morning, according to Miami Beach police, a guy raced hysterically towards them in the 7600 block of Collins Avenue, claiming he had been stabbed in the chest. At that point, the man was the subject of an unrelated criminal investigation.

According to an arrest report, the police discovered and treated a stab wound to the victim’s left pectoral and chest area.

The victim stated that Jhon Jairo Lopez Cuellar was the stabbing suspect and that he was last observed traveling south on Collins Avenue close to 76th Street.

After the victim recognized Lopez Cuellar in a photo, police said they tracked him down close to the 7400 block of Collins Avenue.

Lopez Cuellar was brought to the Miami Beach Criminal Investigations Division after it was reported by the authorities that he was found in possession of a yellow knife at the time of his detention.

According to the complaint, Rivera was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in order to receive additional care.

The victim said to the police that he and Lopez Cuellar were watching a soccer match when there was a fight about remarks Lopez Cuellar had made to a woman.

The report that was made public did not disclose those remarks.

According to the complaint, the victim tried to walk away in an attempt to defuse the situation, but Lopez Cuellar confronted him again and threatened to kill him in Spanish.

Investigators say that shortly after, Lopez Cuellar took out a yellow-handled knife and stabbed him twice, once in the left armpit/pectoral region and once in the chest.

The victim gave a sworn statement at the Miami Beach Criminal Investigations Division after being cleared by medical personnel.

According to the authorities, the victim thought Lopez Cuellar would have killed him if he had not fled because he feared for his life.

The victim informed authorities that he had been friends with Lopez Cuellar for around four months and that the two of them had gone to Miami together on business trips from New York City.

According to the police, Lopez Cuellar exercised his right to silence after being informed of his Miranda rights. According to jail records, he is accused of attempting second-degree murder with a lethal weapon on one occasion.

He was being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bond as of Tuesday.


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