South Florida Homeowner's Dogs Alert Him to 11-Foot Alligator Danger

South Florida Homeowner’s Dogs Alert Him to 11-Foot Alligator Danger

According to local news sources, a South Florida man’s two dogs turned out to be his greatest friends on Tuesday when they informed him about an 11-foot, half-ton alligator that was hiding in the rear of his farm.

The owner of the property at Southwest 237th Avenue and 233rd Street, Tim Nguyen, told Miami-Dade police that as soon as he saw the gator, he called with anxiety.

In the six years he had owned the property, he claimed to have never seen anything like it.

“I heard my dogs barking a lot,” Nguyen stated. “I went to see what was going on, why they were barking a lot.’

The 480-pound alligator needed assistance from Miami police and seasoned trapper Todd Hardwick of Pesky Critters to be loaded into the back of Hardwick’s pickup truck.

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Since Hardwick has been trapping gators for 42 years, he advises people to exercise caution and stay safe, especially while alligators are mating and enduring the warm weather of the season.

“This is the time of year when you have to be aware of your surroundings. Any body of water can and will contain alligators at some time,” Hardwick stated.

The FWC cautions visitors to swim only in approved places during the day and to never attempt to feed alligators.

The trapper added that the alligator will either be caught or kept in prison since, if it were let back into the wild, it would most likely find its previous capture site.