Stabbing Horror: Out-of-Town Visitor Killed Outside NYC's 'Crazy' Bar

Stabbing Horror: Out-of-Town Visitor Killed Outside NYC’s ‘Crazy’ Bar

Early on Sunday morning, a stranger who was described as “always crazy” by neighbors was discovered fatally stabbed outside a pub in Bay Ridge.

According to authorities, at approximately 2:50 a.m., the 37-year-old victim—who was from Pennsylvania but whose identity was withheld pending notification of family—was stabbed outside Catch 22 on Third Avenue in Brooklyn.

After being taken to NYU Langone by police with a torso wound, the victim did not survive, according to the authorities.

A department spokesperson stated that no arrests had been made by police. The man appears to be on his hands and knees after being stabbed in the footage from a nearby security camera, and onlookers are gradually assembling around him.

A pool of the victim’s blood was next to a bloody hand print that was stamped into the concrete on Sunday morning.

Only that the murder “wasn’t random” could be said by one of the victim’s friends, who had just been questioned by police outside the bar on Sunday.

“No, it was not,” he stated.

The tavern is known for its boisterous patrons, according to the neighbors. A female resident told The Post on Sunday that, “The place is always crazy, always an argument outside.”

The woman’s remarks were repeated by a number of other people, who shouted at the building that the city “has to close this place down.”

Moses Alhusaini, the manager of the M&S Minimarket across the street stated that he observed police cars pulling up with their lights flashing while he was outdoors.

“The man was dead on the ground,” he stated. “The police were around him, and he was laying behind the car. It was dead silent. No one was saying anything. The man on the ground was making no sounds.”

The 39-year-old Alhusaini claimed to have witnessed numerous issues at the pub during the pandemic, including “crowds fighting at that place.”

“It was crazy very often, but now they are holding it down,” he stated. “The owner is taking it very seriously. That’s why I am shocked and surprised to see this now.”

A joint Sunday bartender declined to comment for The Post.

“They were having some kind of private party there last night,” a neighbor who is female remarked.

“It was loud and crazy outside,” she further added. “I just took my daughter and ran by as fast as we could. A lot of people outside, it gets dangerous over there.”