Taste the Art of Omakase: 3 Luxurious Restaurants for an Extraordinary Dining Adventure

Taste the Art of Omakase: 3 Luxurious Restaurants for an Extraordinary Dining Adventure

Omakase dining is something that has just recently begun to garner the attention of inhabitants in Miami, despite the city’s well-deserved reputation for its beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and lively nightlife.

The Japanese word omakase literally translates to “I’ll leave it up to you,” and it refers to a style of dining in which the chef selects the courses for the diner rather than the diner selecting them.

When dining at a restaurant like this, you have to put your faith in the chef and open yourself up to an exciting new gastronomic experience.

In recent years, Miami has developed an unhealthy obsession with Omakase dining, and with good cause. Because of the city’s rich and diversified culinary culture, it has become a popular destination for people interested in food from all over the world.

You shouldn’t miss out on any of these three top-tier Omakase restaurants in Miami, which are listed below for your convenience:

Sushi Prepared From Scratch

The restaurant Sushi By Scratch, which can be found in Coconut Grove, places a strong emphasis on making use of fresh, locally produced products.

Their Omakase experience comes with a price tag of $185 per person, but it is absolutely worth the money. The cooks at the restaurant devise an individualized meal plan for each patron, making sure to use the most recent catch.

Ahi Sushi Bar

In the middle of Miami is where you’ll find Ahi Sushi Bar, a restaurant that provides a one-of-a-kind Omakase eating experience for only $130 per person.

Mike Hiraga, who works in the kitchen of this restaurant, is an expert at fusing contemporary cooking methods with traditional Japanese ingredients. The guests are served a variety of delicacies, some of which include sushi, sashimi, and others.


The Wynwood section of Miami is home to the eatery known as Uchi, which serves traditional Japanese cuisine. Their Omakase experience has a per-person fee of $150 and includes a variety of meals, like as sushi, sashimi, and hot dishes. The cooks at the restaurant only use the most recent produce available, and they take great care to serve each dish artfully.

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