Taylor Swift's Happy Place: Find Out Which State Steals Her Heart!

Taylor Swift’s Happy Place: Find Out Which State Steals Her Heart!

Taylor Swift, a globally acclaimed and prosperous singer, boasts a discography of ten studio albums, a plethora of awards, and millions of records sold. However, when she’s not immersed in music or touring the globe, reports suggest that she finds solace in Kansas.

Why Kansas?

Taylor Swift shares a special bond with Kansas, the Midwestern state renowned for its agriculture, sunflowers, and association with the Wizard of Oz. Having made multiple visits, she even crafted a song dedicated to the state.

Titled “Kansas,” the track serves as a bonus on her 2010 album, Speak Now. In the song, Swift croons about falling in love with a boy from Kansas and expresses a desire to linger in the state with him.

The lyrics also highlight various landmarks and attractions, including the Kansas Speedway, the Flint Hills, and the Lawrence Art Center.

Beyond her musical homage, Taylor Swift has openly conveyed her affection for Kansas in interviews and on social media. In a 2012 radio interview, she praised the state for its beauty and tranquility.

Swift has a particular fondness for Lawrence, a city in Kansas housing the University of Kansas. She often enjoys spending time with friends there, as mentioned in various interviews.

Her admiration for Lawrence became public knowledge over a decade ago when, in 2014, she shared an Instagram photo donning a Kansas Jayhawks shirt, the sports teams’ name affiliated with the university. The caption read, “I love you, Kansas.”

How Often Does Taylor Swift Visit Kansas?

Taylor Swift has made at least four visits to Kansas over the past decade. Her initial visit was in 2010, where she graced the stage at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, the state’s largest city.

During subsequent visits, Swift ventured beyond Kansas City. In 2013, she returned to the Sprint Center for another concert and also explored the Kansas Speedway, riding in a NASCAR car alongside driver Jeff Gordon.

Taylor Swift's Happy Place: Find Out Which State Steals Her Heart!

In 2015, her third visit, she performed at Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, and explored the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, showcasing her connection to the cultural scene in Kansas City.

Swift’s fourth visit in 2018 brought her back to Arrowhead Stadium for another performance. She took the opportunity to experience the Country Club Plaza, a vibrant shopping and dining district in Kansas City, and indulged in some local barbecue.

What Does Taylor Swift Do in Kansas?

Taylor Swift enjoys engaging in a variety of activities in Kansas, depending on her mood and schedule. She takes pleasure in exploring the state’s natural beauty, including its rolling hills, prairies, and lakes.

Additionally, she has a penchant for visiting cultural and historical sites, such as museums, art centers, and monuments. Taylor Swift also shows support for the state’s sports teams, including the Jayhawks, the Chiefs, and the Royals.

Furthermore, she enjoys interacting with the people of the state, be it her fans, friends, or love interests. Taylor Swift finds inspiration to write songs about Kansas, with titles like “Kansas,” “You Belong with Me,” and “Never Grow Up.”

Lastly, she relishes moments of relaxation and fun in the state, indulging in activities such as dining, shopping, and playing.

Final Words

Taylor Swift, a renowned global icon, holds a special affection for a modest state nestled in the heart of America. Kansas is a destination close to her heart, and she has demonstrated her fondness through both words and deeds.

Taylor has made multiple visits to the state, reveling in its landscapes, cultural richness, and the warmth of its people.

In addition to her visits, Taylor has immortalized her love for Kansas through songwriting, sharing her musical tributes with a worldwide audience.

While Kansas might not be the most glamorous or thrilling locale on the planet, for Taylor Swift, it stands as a place where she discovers joy and draws inspiration.