Teen Admitted Murdering 16-year-old Pregnant, Claims it as an ‘Accident’
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Teen Admitted Murdering 16-year-old Pregnant, Claims it as an ‘Accident’

Teen Admitted Murdering 16-year-old Pregnant, Claims it as an ‘Accident’ The young boy has finally accepted and confessed to the crime of killing a 16-year-old pregnant girl before the detectives. He told the detectives that it was a “freak accident”.

While the investigation process, he stated that he was not aware of the fact that no safety was on the gun. Unknowingly, he pointed it at De’Shayla Ferguson in October. The gun slipped from his hands in the mid of the argument and she was shot in the head, according to WFTV9.

In an audio interview of Larry’s parents with the investigating officials, they accepted that he was getting physical with her and also admitted that he was beating her up based on Wesh.

Larry said at some point, Ferguson entered the car he was in before the two of them stepped out.

“She was chasing me with something, and I was like, ‘Stop playing with me,’ in a playful way,” Larry said. “And my finger just slipped – boom… [It was a] freak accident… I forgot I had the gun on me, and then Shay jumped out the car, and I was like, ‘Oh,’ I pulled the trigger, and I thought it was on safety and it was an accident.”

The teenager conceded swaying away from the incident after dropping the gun along with a friend.

“It was an accident,” he said. “A freak accident.”

The most noticeable thing is that it is the second time Lorenzo has shot someone and again he named it “an accident”. 

Several months before this incident, Lorenzo killed Jemile Pittman,23, his ex-girlfriend. No charges were filed for that case as he claimed that it was a mere accident and he did that in self-defense. 

Based on WFTV9 confirmation, “Jack Davis said if her daughter’s accused killer had been kept in jail, maybe 16-year-old De’shayla Ferguson and her unborn child’s lives could have been saved.”

“I just dropped to my knees because that was the worst news I could ever imagine, that my child was dead,” Davis said.

Not even a year passed since the death of Jemile Pittman, Lorenzo once again shot an innocent along with her unborn child.

In his plead for not guilty statement, he claimed that Pittman was struggling with him over a gun that he was trying to sell. And days after the shooting, Larry professed his crime before numerous people that he murdered Pittman and hurled the gun and a phone into a nearby lake.

Soon after the incident, he evacuated from that area. It also came to notice that his parents tried to fake his death on social media to avoid any imputation in the case.  But days later, Larry himself posted, “I am good and not dead”.

The case did not end there, after a period of 5 months he came back to Central Florida, and Pittman’s mother Davis noticed him. She at once called 911 and shared that “I was on the phone and I was like shaking, we got the killer we’re finna get him, all I want is for him to be off the streets”.

Even after several months after that incident, no charges were decided against him.

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