Tennessee's Finest: Top 5 Places to Settle Down

Tennessee’s Finest: Top 5 Places to Settle Down

Tennessee provides a distinctive fusion of metropolitan sophistication and rustic appeal. The state is well-known for its thriving music scene, extensive history, and stunning scenery.

Tennessee offers something for everyone, whether your preference is for the quiet highlands of the Smokies or the busy downtown of Nashville.

Each place offers a unique taste of Tennessee’s varied culture, from the charming historic town of Franklin to the affluent suburban area of Brentwood.

These Tennessee communities have everything you might want, including excellent schools, bustling job markets, and breathtaking scenery. So prepare to explore your new hometown in the center of Dixie by packing your baggage.


With 910.5 total crimes per 100,000 residents, Brentwood—a neighborhood of about 100,000 people—saw a rise in crime, which may indicate community safety concerns.

With a cost of living index of 150, Brentwood is much more expensive than the national average of 100, meaning that residents must pay more than usual.

In spite of this, Brentwood has a $711,900 median home value, indicating a strong real estate market and a significant investment for individuals wishing to reside there.

In addition, Brentwood’s $165,948 median income indicates that the area is rich and that its citizens have a respectable level of life and earning capacity.


Germantown provides a pleasant and reasonably priced lifestyle, with a cost of living index of 108, which is little higher than the national average of 100. The stability and appeal of homeownership in the area are reflected in the $358,600 median property value.

Tennessee's Finest Top 5 Places to Settle Down

Furthermore, Germantown’s typical yearly income of $132,949 is significantly greater than the national average, suggesting a thriving local economy.

When determining whether to move or make investments in the town, people may take safety into account, as seen by the 1,698.5 total crimes per 100,000 residents in the area.

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Collierville’s low crime rate—1,335.6 total crimes per 100,000 residents—reflects the neighborhood’s dedication to public safety. Collierville affords its citizens a pleasant lifestyle without undue financial hardship, with a cost of living index of 107, which is little higher than the 100-point national average.

This thriving town has a dynamic real estate market and is an attractive spot to settle down, as evidenced by the $352,200 median home value.

Furthermore, Collierville has wealthy citizens who support the local economy and general standard of living, with a typical income of $119,461.

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The overall crime rate of Nolensville is 417.9 per 100,000 residents, which reflects the community’s worries about safety. In spite of this, Nolensville’s cost of living index is higher than the national average, at 123.

Tennessee's Finest: Top 5 Places to Settle Down

The cost of daily needs is more than usual for the residents to manage. Still, Nolensville’s attractiveness is enhanced by a strong real estate sector, where the average house is valued at $496,500.

In addition, Nolensville’s median income of $152,500 suggests a reasonably well-off populace that supports the town’s economic expansion and stability.

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With 1,227.6 total offenses per 100,000 residents, Franklin’s safety can be viewed from a rate-based perspective. With a national average of 100, the cost of living index is 118, indicating a slightly higher cost of living than the average.

Franklin’s $468,200 median house value is an indication of the city’s appeal as well as the stability of the real estate market. Franklin, on the other hand, has a comparatively affluent median income of $102,721, suggesting that its citizens lead pleasant lives.

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To Conclude

Tennessee is home to a wide variety of communities, each serving a distinct lifestyle niche. Tennessee offers the ideal fusion of Southern friendliness with urban energy, whether it is in the quaint suburbs or the busy cityscapes.

Tennessee offers options to fit your demands, whether you desire a robust real estate market and a high standard of living, as in Brentwood and Franklin, or affordability and safety, as in Germantown and Collierville. Just keep in mind that this is only the beginning of your investigation.

When you’re looking for the ideal Tennessee community to call home, take into account things like your ideal crime rate, cost of living, and accessibility to facilities. Tennessee offers a memorable and enriching experience with its breathtaking beauty, rich history, and kind people.