Thrifty Living The Most Inexpensive City to Settle in New Hampshire

Thrifty Living: The Most Inexpensive City to Settle in New Hampshire

New Hampshire boasts a wealth of offerings, ranging from picturesque natural landscapes to rich historical and cultural attractions. However, residing in the Granite State comes with a hefty price tag, with the median home sale price soaring to $466,700.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly place to call home in New Hampshire, it’s worthwhile to uncover the most cost-effective city. Enter Berlin, a small city nestled in the northern part of the state, earning its reputation as the most affordable city.

In this article, we’ll delve into the factors that make Berlin the economical choice in New Hampshire and weigh the pros and cons of residing in this charming locale.

About Berlin: the Cheapest City to Live in New Hampshire

Berlin, located in the northern part of the state, is a small city with approximately 10,000 residents. According to, the median home sale price in Berlin is just $99,900, making it around 78% lower than the state average. As a result, Berlin stands out as the most affordable city for homebuyers in New Hampshire.

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Why is Berlin So Inexpensive?

One factor contributing to its unique character is its location, situated far from major metropolitan areas like Concord and Manchester but close to the Maine border.

Thrifty Living: The Most Inexpensive City to Settle in New Hampshire

Another distinctive aspect is its historical background. Once a flourishing industrial hub for paper mills, Berlin experienced economic decline and environmental challenges in the late 20th century.

Nevertheless, Berlin possesses its own allure and points of interest. Surrounded by the picturesque White Mountains, the city provides abundant opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Adding to its appeal is a rich cultural heritage, marked by a substantial French-Canadian population and numerous historic buildings and landmarks. Notable places to explore in Berlin include the Northern Forest Heritage Park, the Service Credit Union Heritage Park, St. Anne Church, and the Berlin and Coos County Historical Society Museum.

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Data Which Indicates Berlin Is the Most Affordable City in New Hampshire for Living

Here are additional statistics highlighting Berlin’s affordability in New Hampshire:

Thrifty Living: The Most Inexpensive City to Settle in New Hampshire

1. The cost of living in Berlin is 21% lower than the New Hampshire average and 5% lower than the national average.
2. Energy, healthcare, and transportation expenses in Berlin are 15.5%, 16.1%, and 20.6% lower than the national average, respectively.
3. Rent for various bedroom sizes in Berlin is significantly lower than the averages in the Berlin metro, New Hampshire, and the United States. For instance, a studio apartment in Berlin costs $500 per month, while the same in New Hampshire costs $1,050, and in the United States, it costs $821.
4. The median income in Berlin is $41,638, which is 42% lower than the national average. However, it is also 18% higher than Berlin’s average income in 2020. This suggests that while the income level in Berlin is improving, the cost of living remains low.

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To Conclude

Living in New Hampshire might appear costly, but Berlin stands out as an affordable option for those in search of an appealing and budget-friendly residence. Boasting breathtaking natural scenery, a vibrant cultural heritage, and a multitude of outdoor pursuits, Berlin provides a distinctive mix of value and allure.

Ultimately, the choice of making Berlin your home hinges on your personal priorities and lifestyle. One thing is certain, though – Berlin is a concealed treasure in New Hampshire, eagerly awaiting discovery by those who appreciate affordability, adventure, and a hint of old-world charm.


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