These Towns in California Have the Best Weed Tourism Experiences

These Towns in California Have the Best Weed Tourism Experiences

California attracts numerous travelers, especially cannabis enthusiasts, as it has been a legalized recreational marijuana destination since 2018. With a robust history and culture of cannabis cultivation and consumption, the Golden State offers a variety of experiences.

Whether you seek scenic landscapes, urban energy, or wellness retreats, there’s a California town catering to your preferences for an optimal weed tourism adventure. Check out some of the top destinations if you’re eager to delve into California’s cannabis scene.


Guerneville, situated in Sonoma County, is a delightful town renowned for its natural splendor, wineries, and LGBTQ-friendly atmosphere. It’s an ideal destination for cannabis enthusiasts, boasting numerous 420-friendly accommodations and activities.

For a top-notch stay, consider the Mine+Farm Inn, a beautiful property nestled in nature and conveniently located next to the Korbel Vineyards. This inn provides organic breakfasts sourced from local farms and hosts special dining events.

Visitors can also organize a cannabis farm tour through local tour companies like the Sonoma County Experience or Happy Travelers Tours.

These tours offer a glimpse into some of the premier cannabis cultivation facilities in the area, providing insights into the history, science, and art of cannabis cultivation, along with the opportunity to sample some of the finest strains.

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Oakland, located in the Bay Area, is a lively city and a central hub for California’s cannabis industry. It boasts numerous dispensaries, lounges, and events tailored for cannabis enthusiasts.

Among the city’s highlights is the Oakland Cannabis Trail, a self-guided tour leading you to key landmarks and historical sites associated with cannabis.

Notable stops include Oaksterdam University, the pioneering cannabis college in the US, the Harborside Health Center, recognized as the world’s largest dispensary, and the Peralta Hacienda Historical Park, where the inaugural hemp crop was planted in California in 1776.

For a unique experience, indulge in cannabis-infused cuisine at the Cannaisseur Series, a monthly pop-up dinner showcasing gourmet dishes crafted with local, organic ingredients and paired with various cannabis strains.

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Palm Springs

Palm Springs, located in Southern California, is renowned for its mid-century modern architecture, golf courses, and thermal springs, creating a desert oasis. Additionally, it has become a popular destination for cannabis enthusiasts, offering a range of 420-friendly accommodations, spas, and activities.

Among the top places to stay is the Desert Hot Springs Inn, a boutique hotel that permits cannabis consumption throughout the property, including areas like the pool and jacuzzi.

The hotel goes a step further by providing complimentary cannabis-infused chocolates, vaporizers, pipes, and even offers access to a cannabis delivery service.

To enhance your relaxation, consider booking a CBD massage at the Spa Resort Casino or participating in a cannabis yoga class at the Higher Self Yoga.

For those interested in culinary experiences, you can join a cannabis cooking class at the Cooking with Cannabis Academy, where professional chefs teach you how to create delectable edibles and infusions.

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Final Words

California stands as a haven for cannabis enthusiasts, boasting an array of towns and cities that deliver top-notch weed tourism experiences.

Whether your inclination is to unwind in nature, immerse yourself in urban culture, or delve into the cannabis industry, you’re sure to discover a locale that aligns with your preferences.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to stay informed about the legal prerequisites and constraints surrounding cannabis consumption and purchase in California, as these regulations can vary based on location and the nature of the activity.

By adhering to the rules and showing consideration for local communities, you can partake in a cannabis vacation in California that is both safe and enjoyable.