These Towns in Ohio Have the Best Christmas Light Displays

These Towns in Ohio Have the Best Christmas Light Displays

Ohio is a state that excels in celebrating the holiday season with stunning lights and festive displays. Whether you enjoy driving through a winter wonderland or strolling through a charming village, there are numerous options to experience the finest Christmas light displays in Ohio. Here are some towns that host the most impressive and unforgettable light shows in the state.


Akron hosts the Akron Zoo Lights, a well-loved attraction showcasing over 25 miles of lights, light displays, Santa Land, a S’mores station, Candy Cane Way, and more.

These Towns in Ohio Have the Best Christmas Light Displays

Visitors can wander the zoo grounds at night, experiencing the animals in a unique ambiance. The focal point is the Big Tree, an 85-foot-tall holiday tree adorned with festive decorations.


Chesterland is home to the Bethlehem Hills Christmas Light Park, a 1.25-mile drive winding through 240 acres of picturesque rolling hills, woods, creeks, and lakes.

These Towns in Ohio Have the Best Christmas Light Displays

Visitors can enjoy 40 stunning Christmas light displays, showcasing over 2 million LED lights. The enchanting scenes include a Christmas Carnival, Candy Cane Village, a Nativity scene, a Salute to Our Armed Services, Toyland, Santa’s Workshop, and much more.


Delaware presents Butch Bando’s Fantasy of Lights (formerly known as Alum Creek Fantasy of Lights), a festive 3-mile drive-thru light display at the Alum Creek State Park Campgrounds.

These Towns in Ohio Have the Best Christmas Light Displays

Experience the holiday magic as you drive through the Christmas lighting exhibits while enjoying seasonal music on a local radio station, all from the comfort of your vehicle. The show showcases a range of themed displays that are updated annually.


Hicksville converts its fairgrounds into the Christmas Cruise Thru, the biggest light display in the tri-state region. The drive-thru experience showcases over 100,000 outdoor lights and exhibits, along with a Festival of Trees and a Christmas Village.

These Towns in Ohio Have the Best Christmas Light Displays

Additionally, there are food vendors, live reindeer, carriage rides, and Santa Claus available to greet the children.


Welcome to Christmas Ranch, where Morrow invites you to experience a winter wonderland featuring seven distinct Christmas shops, photo opportunities with Santa, a bakery, as well as train and wagon rides.

These Towns in Ohio Have the Best Christmas Light Displays

Explore the festive grounds by taking a stroll and marvel at over one million lights synchronized to holiday music. Christmas Ranch actively contributes to different charities and organizations throughout the season.

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Best Time to Visit These Light Displays

The ideal time to explore these light displays depends on your preferences and schedule. Some displays are open every night in December, while others operate only on weekends or specific dates.

Admission varies, with some displays being free, while others charge a fee per car or person. Additional attractions like Santa visits, carriage rides, food vendors, and live music may be offered at some displays, while others focus solely on the lights.

Typically, evenings after sunset are the best times to visit as the lights are most vibrant. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as weather, traffic, and crowds, as they can impact your experience.

For instance, it’s advisable to avoid visiting on rainy or snowy nights when visibility is poor and roads may be slippery. Additionally, peak nights like weekends or holidays may have long lines and limited parking, so planning accordingly is wise.

Final Words

Here are just a few of the Ohio towns showcasing the finest Christmas light displays, but there are numerous others waiting to be explored and appreciated.

Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly excursion, a romantic date night, or a solo adventure, you’ll discover a light show that matches your mood and budget.

Ohio is a state that embraces the holiday season with flair and enthusiasm, and you can partake in the festivities by experiencing these incredible light displays.

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