This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Texas

This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Texas

Are you in search of an affordable place to reside in Texas? Surprisingly, a recent report by Redfin indicates that the most budget-friendly city isn’t a small town or a rural area, but a city with a population exceeding 100,000.

San Angelo emerges as the most economical place to live in Texas, boasting a median home price of just $65,000 and a cost of living index of 80.1.

In this article, we will unveil the identity of this city, delve into the reasons behind its affordability, highlight its offerings, and help you determine if it suits your needs. Continue reading to discover more about the most cost-effective city in the Lone Star State.

What Makes San Angelo So Affordable?

San Angelo, situated in central Texas along the Concho River, is a city with approximately 100,000 residents. It serves as the county seat of Tom Green County and is the primary city in the San Angelo metropolitan area.

Founded in 1867 as a frontier town, San Angelo has a diverse history and cultural heritage. It evolved into a significant producer of wool and mohair.

Presently, the city is home to key military installations such as Goodfellow Air Force Base and the Texas Army National Guard.

This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Texas

The city boasts a low cost of living, primarily attributed to housing prices that are 25% below the national average and 64% lower than the state average.

Transportation costs are also relatively low, thanks to the presence of two major highways, a regional airport, and a public bus system.

San Angelo maintains a favorable economic landscape with a low unemployment rate of 4.5%. The median household income stands at $55,682, slightly surpassing the national median.

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Is There Anything to Do in San Angelo?

San Angelo provides a diverse range of attractions and activities for both residents and visitors. Immerse yourself in the arts and culture scene by visiting the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, the Chicken Farm Art Center, and the historic Fort Concho.

This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Texas

Experience the natural beauty of the area by strolling along the Concho River Walk, exploring San Angelo State Park, and discovering the International Waterlily Collection.

For those seeking entertainment and nightlife, downtown San Angelo offers a vibrant atmosphere with local shops, restaurants, bars, and live music venues.

San Angelo hosts various annual events and festivals that celebrate the city’s heritage, diversity, and community spirit. Don’t miss out on occasions like the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo, the San Angelo Blues Festival, and Christmas at Old Fort Concho.

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Are You a Good Fit for San Angelo?

San Angelo presents an excellent option for those seeking an affordable, secure, and welcoming city in Texas. The city boasts a low cost of living, a high quality of life, and a lively cultural scene.

Whether you’re a young professional, a family, or a retiree, San Angelo offers something to suit your preferences.

However, it’s important to note that San Angelo may not be the ideal choice for everyone. The city experiences a hot and arid climate, with summer temperatures surpassing 90°F on average and an annual rainfall of only 21 inches.

Moreover, San Angelo’s relatively small and remote location sets it about 200 miles apart from the nearest major city, Austin. As a result, San Angelo may not provide the same level of diversity, opportunities, and amenities as some of the larger and more expensive cities in Texas.

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Final Words

Hence, prior to making the decision to relocate to San Angelo, it’s essential to assess the advantages and disadvantages and conduct thorough research.

Utilizing online tools like Redfin can help you compare housing prices, neighborhoods, schools, and more. Additionally, visiting San Angelo in person allows you to personally explore what the city has to offer.

While San Angelo may boast affordability as the least expensive place to live in Texas, it is also a delightful and vibrant city with numerous attractions.

If you’re seeking a cost-effective yet high-quality place to establish your home, considering San Angelo might be worth your while. You might discover pleasantly surprising aspects of the city.

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