This City Has Been Named the Healthiest Place to Live in Alaska

This City Has Been Named the Healthiest Place to Live in Alaska

Alaska provides abundant natural wonders and outdoor activities for both residents and visitors. However, when it comes to determining the healthiest city to live in, Niche, a website that assesses locations based on various criteria, points to Anchorage.

As the most populous city in the state, Anchorage is home to approximately 40% of Alaska’s population. It boasts a commendable fitness score, a low prevalence of smoking, minimal physical inactivity, and favorable air quality.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Anchorage earning the title of the healthiest city in Alaska and explore what it offers for those seeking a lifestyle centered around well-being.

How Does Anchorage Compare to Other Cities in Alaska?

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest and most diverse city, hosting around 40% of the state’s population. It boasts a robust economy, a rich culture, and various outdoor activities. In comparison to other Alaskan cities, Anchorage has its pros and cons:


1. Strong job market, especially in the military, travel, oil industries, and state government.
2. Higher median income, better school system, and improved quality of life compared to most Alaskan cities.
3. Moderate weather, with an average annual temperature of 37°F and 75 inches of snowfall.

This City Has Been Named the Healthiest Place to Live in Alaska

Financial Benefits:

1. No sales tax or state income tax.
2. Residents receive a yearly dividend from the Alaska Permanent Fund, funded by the state’s oil revenues.


1. High cost of living and homeownership, with a median home value of $334,300 and median rent of $1,216.
2. Elevated crime rate, being 3.5 times higher for violent crimes and 1.5 times higher for property crimes than the national average.
3. Traffic issues, especially during icy and snowy winter months.
4. Declining population growth (0.4% decrease from 2010 to 2019) due to the high cost of living, harsh weather, and limited economic diversity.

Some of the Healthiest Cities in Other Us States

Numerous factors influence the well-being of a city, including healthcare accessibility, environmental quality, residents’ lifestyles, and the availability of healthy food and recreation. According to various assessments, some of the healthiest cities in the United States outside California include:

1. San Francisco, California: Recognized as the healthiest city in America by Niche, San Francisco boasts a high fitness score, low smoking and physical inactivity rates, and good air quality. Its diverse culture, robust economy, and moderate climate contribute to its overall health.

2. Seattle, Washington: Ranked as the second healthiest city in the nation by WalletHub, Seattle excels in healthcare, offers numerous parks and recreational facilities, has a high percentage of residents consuming fruits and vegetables, and maintains a low obesity rate.

3. San Diego, California: Mindbody positions San Diego as the third healthiest city in the country, emphasizing residents’ exercise habits, stress levels, rest, and social connections.

This City Has Been Named the Healthiest Place to Live in Alaska

San Diego leads in residents who exercise weekly, boasts a high percentage of non-smokers, and maintains low stress levels.

4. Irvine, California: Niche identifies Irvine as the fourth healthiest city, citing its well-maintained environment, low crime rate, high median income, and strong school system. Irvine also excels in health insurance coverage, low excessive drinking rates, and a high percentage of physically active residents.

5. Portland, Oregon: WalletHub ranks Portland as the fifth healthiest city, highlighting its high fitness score, abundant farmers markets and vegan restaurants, residents who commute by biking or walking, and a low smoking rate. Portland’s vibrant culture, progressive attitude, and scenic beauty contribute to its overall health.

While these cities stand out, numerous others across the United States provide residents with a healthy and joyful lifestyle.


Niche, a website that assesses locations based on various criteria, designates Anchorage as the healthiest city in Alaska. Anchorage boasts a high fitness score, a low smoking rate, minimal physical inactivity, and favorable air quality.

Beyond its health merits, the city presents additional advantages, including a robust economy, cultural diversity, and a moderate climate.

In essence, Anchorage provides numerous perks for its inhabitants, who can relish the natural beauty, cultural richness, and personal liberties that Alaska offers.

Nonetheless, Anchorage grapples with certain challenges, such as a steep cost of living, elevated crime rates, and a waning population growth. Residents of Anchorage must navigate a city that offers both opportunities and obstacles, balancing the benefits and drawbacks of residing in Alaska’s largest and most vibrant urban center.


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