This City Has Been Named the Worst City to Live in Arizona

This City Has Been Named the Worst City to Live in Arizona

Arizona offers numerous attractions like the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Phoenix. However, not every city in the state is an ideal place to call home. Some cities grapple with high crime rates, low incomes, subpar education, and other challenges that can make them less appealing for residents.

Considering factors like population, median home value, median income, poverty rate, unemployment rate, and crime rate, one city stands out as the least desirable place to live in Arizona: New Kingman-Butler.

About New Kingman-Butler

New Kingman-Butler, situated in Mohave County, Arizona, is a designated census area (CDP). It lies approximately 10 miles to the south of Kingman, the county’s seat.

As per the 2020 census data, New Kingman-Butler was home to 13,374 residents. This CDP encompasses an area of 29.8 square miles, with a population density of 449 individuals per square mile.

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Why is New Kingman-Butler the Worst City to Live in Arizona?

New Kingman-Butler stands out as the least favorable city to reside in Arizona due to various factors:

Depressed Property Values: The average home in New Kingman-Butler is valued at $83,800, which is $11,000 beneath the state’s average of $94,800. This suggests a sluggish housing market, with homeowners holding less equity and wealth.

Limited Income: The median household income in New Kingman-Butler is $34,534, a significant $20,000 below the state’s average of $54,510. This means that many residents grapple with affording basic necessities and maintain a lower standard of living.

Elevated Poverty Levels: The poverty rate in New Kingman-Butler is 25.9%, surpassing the state’s average of 12.5% by more than double. This indicates that a substantial number of residents fall below the federal poverty line, leading to challenges like hunger, homelessness, and a lack of access to healthcare.

Heightened Unemployment: The unemployment rate in New Kingman-Butler stands at 10.4%, nearly twice the state’s average of 5.4%. This points to a significant portion of residents facing difficulties in securing employment or having given up their job search.

Increased Crime Rates: The incidence of crime in New Kingman-Butler stands at 4,154 incidents per 100,000 people, a staggering 129% higher than the state’s average of 1,815 incidents per 100,000 people. This means that residents are at a substantially higher risk of experiencing violent or property-related crimes.

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What Other Options Are There Besides Living in New Kingman-butler?

If you’re seeking a superior living environment in Arizona, you’ll find numerous options to consider. Among the top cities to reside in Arizona are Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, and Peoria.

These cities boast elevated property values, substantial incomes, minimal poverty levels, low unemployment rates, and a reduced incidence of crime. Additionally, they provide a wealth of amenities, including parks, museums, eateries, shopping destinations, and entertainment hubs.

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New Kingman-Butler is considered one of the least desirable cities to reside in Arizona due to its low property values, modest incomes, elevated poverty levels, increased unemployment rates, and elevated crime rates.

These combined elements create a challenging and unsafe environment for its inhabitants. If you are seeking a more favorable place to live in Arizona, it is recommended to explore other cities that offer more positive features and prospects.

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