This City Has Been Named the Worst City to Live in North Carolina

This City Has Been Named the Worst City to Live in North Carolina

North Carolina boasts numerous attractions, including stunning beaches, picturesque mountains, lively cities, and a rich historical background. Nevertheless, not every corner of the Tar Heel State proves to be an appealing destination.

Certain cities grapple with elevated crime rates, meager incomes, subpar education, and limited opportunities. According to diverse sources and statistics, Yanceyville emerges as the least favorable city to reside in within North Carolina.


Yanceyville, situated in Caswell County near the Virginia border, is a small town with a population of approximately 2,000 people. According to Road Snacks, it is considered one of the least favorable small towns in North Carolina and holds the unfortunate distinction of being the most dangerous place to reside in the state.

The crime rate in Yanceyville is startlingly high, standing at 1,114% above the national average. Residents face a 1 in 9 chance of falling victim to a violent or property crime. Disturbingly, in 2019, the town reported 8 murders, 16 rapes, 17 robberies, and 109 aggravated assaults.

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Yanceyville stands out as one of the most economically challenged areas in North Carolina, boasting a median household income of $24,375—less than half of the state’s average of $54,602.

The poverty rate in Yanceyville is particularly striking at 38.5%, more than double the state’s average of 15.5%. The unemployment rate is also significantly higher, standing at 9.2% compared to the state average of 4.6%. While the cost of living in Yanceyville is low, it comes at the expense of a lower quality of life.

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Yanceyville faces challenges in the realm of education as well. The town is home to just one public school, Bartlett Yancey High School, catering to grades 9-12. Unfortunately, the school exhibits a graduation rate of only 76%, notably lower than the state’s average of 86%.

Furthermore, the academic performance falls below par, with a mere 25% proficiency in math and 36% in reading, contrasting with the state averages of 47% and 57%, respectively.

Additionally, the school grapples with a high student-teacher ratio of 17:1, and a low diversity score of 0.51, signaling a deficiency in racial and ethnic representation among the student body.

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How Does Yanceyville Compare to Other Small Towns in North Carolina?

Yanceyville faces several challenges, including high crime rates, low income levels, subpar education, and limited opportunities. Some reports even label it as the worst city to reside in within North Carolina.

Contrastingly, other small towns in the state exhibit distinct characteristics and confront diverse issues. Certain towns boast prosperity, safety, and appeal in contrast to Yanceyville, while others contend with difficulties, hazards, and a lack of allure.

Take Roxboro, for instance, a small town in Person County with approximately 8,000 residents, serving as the county seat. Roxboro features a historic downtown area and a lake park.

Notably, it surpasses Yanceyville in median household income, boasts a lower poverty rate, and achieves a higher graduation rate. Nonetheless, Roxboro grapples with a higher crime rate, lower diversity score, and a decreased cost of living compared to Yanceyville.

When assessing Yanceyville against other small towns in North Carolina, a variety of sources and criteria can be utilized, encompassing population, economic status, crime rates, educational attainment, environmental factors, cultural aspects, and future prospects.

For a firsthand perspective, consider visiting these towns to explore their offerings. This exploration may reveal both similarities and differences, potentially uncovering hidden gems or areas to be cautious about.

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Yanceyville faces numerous challenges and has limited opportunities. Issues like crime, poverty, unemployment, and a lack of quality education contribute to its unattractive image.

The city struggles to draw in visitors, businesses, or new residents, making it a place many people would prefer to avoid or leave. In essence, it stands out as the least desirable city to reside in within North Carolina.

This article has highlighted Yanceyville’s poor rankings across various metrics, including safety, economic conditions, and educational standards, when compared to other cities in the state.

Despite some positive aspects, such as a low cost of living and historical significance, the unfavorable factors outweigh the advantages. Consequently, the designation of Yanceyville as the worst city to live in North Carolina comes as no surprise.

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