This City in Arizona is Smoking More Weed Than Anywhere Else in the State

This City in Arizona is Smoking More Weed Than Anywhere Else in the State

Arizona became one of 14 states and the District of Columbia to legalize marijuana usage for recreational purposes in November 2020. Whether for personal or medical purposes, a lot of Arizonans have since benefited from cannabis. In the state, though, which city has the highest marijuana smoking rates?

A new WagsWoofs study found that Phoenix, Arizona, is the city where people smoke marijuana the most out of all of the states.

To determine how popular cannabis is in each Arizonan city, the study ranked them using data from internet surveys, the Arizona Department of Health Services, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Top of the list for the biggest percentage of marijuana users, highest average marijuana spending, and highest rates of smoking joints, blunts, and bongs is Phoenix, the capital and largest city of Arizona. The survey also discovered that Phoenix boasted the state’s highest concentration of dispensaries, cannabis-related events, and a cannabis-friendly society.

This City in Arizona is Smoking More Weed Than Anywhere Else in the State

According to the report, Phoenix’s high cannabis usage can be related to a number of things, including the city’s progressive metropolitan environment, vast and diverse population, warm and sunny weather, and closeness to other states where marijuana has been legalized, such Colorado, Nevada, and California.

In Arizona, Phoenix is not the only city where marijuana use is higher than in other parts of the state. The study’s ranking of Arizona’s top ten cities according to cannabis usage yielded the following results:

  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • Tempe
  • Flagstaff
  • Scottsdale
  • Mesa
  • Chandler
  • Glendale
  • Gilbert
  • Peoria

Facts About Arizona’s Cannabis Consumption

The research also uncovered several fascinating details regarding Arizonans’ cannabis usage patterns, including:

  • Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel are the most often used cannabis strains in Arizona.
  • Pain relief, stress reduction, and relaxation are the three main reasons Arizonans use marijuana.
  • In Arizona, smoking, vaping, and edibles are the most popular cannabis consumption techniques.
  • In Arizona, people consume 14 grams, or roughly half an ounce, of marijuana on average each month.
  • Ten dollars a gram, or roughly $280 per ounce, is the average cost of marijuana in Arizona.

Arizona ranks among the states with the most favorable cannabis laws in the nation, and its cannabis business is flourishing, according to the study’s findings. As more people learn about the advantages of marijuana and as more goods and services become accessible, it is also expected that cannabis usage in the state would increase.

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To Conclude

In summary, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Arizona in 2020 has resulted in widespread usage throughout the state, with Phoenix standing out as the city with the highest rate of cannabis smokers.

This trend can be attributed to various factors such as Phoenix’s urban setting, diverse population, favorable weather, and proximity to other states where marijuana is also legal.

However, Phoenix is not the only city experiencing significant cannabis consumption; several other cities in Arizona also reflect a broader societal acceptance of the substance.

Moreover, research indicates that Arizonans primarily use marijuana for pain relief, stress reduction, and relaxation, and they tend to favor classic strains like Blue Dream and OG Kush. Given the likelihood of favorable cannabis laws persisting and the industry’s anticipated growth, it’s evident that Arizona’s affinity for marijuana is only just beginning.

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