This New Mexico City Has Been Named the Highest Poverty Rate in the State

This New Mexico City Has Been Named the Highest Poverty Rate in the State

At the core of New Mexico, concealed beneath the weight of poverty’s challenges, lies the town of Anthony. This community, home to 8,748 individuals, bears the unfortunate distinction of being the poorest in New Mexico.

Its rich tapestry is woven with threads of meager wages, limited job opportunities, and constrained access to essential resources. A striking 38.1% of Anthony’s residents live below the poverty line, more than twice the state average—an impactful reflection of New Mexico’s struggle as the third-poorest state in the nation.

Anthony is a city painted in the hues of poverty, yet it yearns for the vibrant colors of progress. Join us as we delve into the harsh realities of its challenges, meet the individuals behind the statistics, and explore the seeds of hope that dare to bloom even in the toughest conditions.

Anthony Has the Highest Poverty Rate in the State

In 2023, Anthony, a city in New Mexico, holds the dubious distinction of having the highest poverty rate in the state. With a population of 8,748, the city reports a median household income of $26,558, the lowest in New Mexico.

Anthony’s poverty rate stands at 38.1%, more than double the state average of 18.4%. The city also claims the unenviable title of the poorest place in New Mexico for residents under 18, with a rate of 23.9%.


Several factors contribute to Anthony’s high poverty rate, including low wages, a scarcity of job opportunities, and limited access to education and healthcare. The city grapples with additional challenges such as crime, drug abuse, and environmental issues.

Despite these difficulties, some residents remain optimistic, anticipating improvement through increased investment and development in the area.

This New Mexico City Has Been Named the Highest Poverty Rate in the State

Here Are Some Statistics Showing Anthony’s Poverty

Here are some poverty statistics for Anthony, New Mexico:

  • The poverty rate in Anthony is 38.1%, more than double the state average of 18.4%.
  • The median household income in Anthony is $26,558, the lowest in New Mexico.
  • The poverty rate among disabled males in Anthony is 39.5%, and among disabled females, it is 40.5%.
  • The renting rate among poor residents in Anthony is 50.1%, while among non-poor residents, it is 21.9%.
  • The poverty rate by age group in Anthony shows that the highest percentage of poor residents are between 18 and 24 years old (41%), and the lowest percentage is under 5 years old (0%).
  • The state of New Mexico has consistently held the third-highest poverty rate in the United States for three consecutive years. In 2021, the state’s average poverty rate was better only than that of Louisiana (19.6%) and Mississippi (19.4%).
  • For children under 18 living in poverty, New Mexico had the third-highest rate in the country at 23.9%. Among those 65 years and older, New Mexico leads the nation with a poverty rate of 12.8%, surpassed only by Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • McKinley County has the highest poverty rate among New Mexico counties at 30.3%, followed by Luna (27.6%), Chavez (27.6%), and Sierra counties (26.7%).

These statistics underscore the serious issue of poverty and inequality in Anthony, revealing that many residents face challenges in meeting their basic needs and accessing opportunities.

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To Conclude

In Anthony, New Mexico, the harsh reality of being the state’s poorest community is undeniable. Statistics portray a somber image of meager wages, limited opportunities, and scarce resources affecting nearly 40% of the population. The weight of these challenges is most palpable among young adults and seniors, revealing the intricate entanglement of poverty within the town’s fabric.

Nevertheless, amidst these adversities, whispers of hope emerge. The resilience of Anthony’s residents is evident in their ongoing struggle for improvement. Their collective yearning for progress propels a shared spirit, driving efforts towards investments and development to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Let us, therefore, work towards a future where the vibrant colors of progress overshadow the hues of poverty in Anthony and beyond. Through informed interventions, dedicated investments, and unwavering empathy, we can empower communities like Anthony to rewrite their narratives and envision a brighter tomorrow, one thread of hope at a time.

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