Tornado Outbreak from Texas to North Dakota, Eastward Threat Looms

Tornado Outbreak from Texas to North Dakota, Eastward Threat Looms

Massive hail and tornadoes struck the Plains a few days after destructive storms that pounded Nebraska and Iowa, leaving extensive damage and floods. The potential of more severe storms continued into the early weekend, moving eastward.

While severe weather was observed across a large portion of the country, with the largest concentration across the Plains, the Storm Prediction Center singled out portions of Nebraska and Iowa for possible maximum coverage.

Around the town of Olustee in Jackson County, Oklahoma, one of the tornadoes caused power outages, according to reports.

In Nebraska, reports of hail as large as a softball have been made in addition to tornadoes.

In southwest Oklahoma, where it fell on Friday evening south of Interstate 40, hail the size of baseballs was also pretty prevalent.


Forecast for Friday

As Friday approaches, there is a greater chance of severe weather, affecting major cities from Milwaukee to Little Rock and Dallas.

Storms that can produce severe winds and hail will be the most common, but the hazard will still be more widespread.

Hurricane-force, or 74 mph, wind gusts are possible in some of the heaviest storms. Power lines and trees can be brought down by a strong thunderstorm that reaches wind speeds of at least 58 mph.

There is still a chance of storms on Friday because several rounds of rain are predicted to persist until the long weekend.


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