Tragic South Carolina Collision: Cement Truck Crash Kills 3-Month-Old Infant

Tragic South Carolina Collision: Cement Truck Crash Kills 3-Month-Old Infant

On Friday, the South Carolina Highway Patrol made fresh information regarding a multi-vehicle collision in which an infant died available.

According to Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore, the Thursday afternoon collision on Highway 29 resulted in the death of Jakai Govan, a 3-month-old Anderson resident, shortly after one in the morning on Friday.

According to Master Trooper Mitchell Ridgeway, the collision occurred on Highway 29 north of Williamston, close to Welcome Road, at approximately 1:45 p.m.

On camera footage from the incident, multiple cars were involved in a collision, and there was cement spilled from an overturned cement truck.

A 2006 Dodge pickup truck that was traveling south on Highway 29 was reportedly stuck in traffic, according to Ridgeway.

According to Shore, the cars were stopped because of nearby road construction.

He claimed that a 2013 Chevy sedan that was stopped behind the pickup on Highway 29 was likewise traveling south.

Ridgeway said that the Chevy car struck the pickup in the rear after being struck from behind by a 2018 Terex concrete truck.

Shore claimed the cement truck struck the back of the automobile, which he recognized as a Chevy Impala, because it was moving too quickly for the conditions.

“The impact caused the cement truck to overturn down an embankment and pushed the Chevy Impala into the back of a Dodge Pickup truck which then caused a pile-up effect,” Shore stated.

He claimed that before being taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital, the infant had to be freed from the Impala while still strapped into a car seat.

Shore declared that the death was unintentional and that the cause of death was a subdural hemorrhage consequent to a skull fracture.

The Anderson sedan’s driver, according to Ridgeway, was flown to the same hospital in a helicopter. Regarding the driver’s health, nothing was made public.

Ridgeway said that there were no injuries to the drivers of the cement truck or the pickup.