Twin Babies Found Dead in Vehicle on Interstate in South Florida

Twin Babies Found Dead in Vehicle on Interstate in South Florida

Early on Friday morning in Miami-Dade County, Florida, two 3-year-old fraternal twins were discovered unconscious in the back of a car. They have since passed away.

About two in the morning EST, police verified, they responded to a call for emergency medical assistance regarding a car that had stopped northbound on Interstate 95 not far from Florida’s Turnpike extension.

One individual is heard on 911 call audio giving one of the fraternal twins CPR. A minute later, a second call came in reporting a second unresponsive youngster.

During an update around 7:30 a.m. EST, Miami-Dade Police Detective Andre Martin told WSVN that “there was an unresponsive child and shortly after that, another call was received that another juvenile was unresponsive.”

Authorities have not disclosed the cause of the kids’ unconsciousness.

Both were transported by ambulance to a local hospital, but after receiving treatment, they were later declared dead.

A woman inside the car leaped from the on-ramp railing and fell onto the railroad lines below as emergency personnel arrived.

After being transported to a hospital in Aventura, Florida, her condition remained critical. Her link to the children has not been further explained by the police.

“Right now our investigators are working to piece this tragic incident together. There are many questions that they have that they are working to find answers to,” Martin stated Friday.