Unveiling Delaware's Top 5 Riskiest Metropolitan Areas

City Danger Index: Unveiling Delaware’s Top 5 Riskiest Metropolitan Areas

The second-smallest state in the US, Delaware, is frequently praised for its gorgeous beaches and business-friendly tax regulations. But there’s a deeper unsettling truth lurking beneath the surface of this supposedly peaceful state.

Delaware may be small in terms of population and area, but in many places the crime rate is far higher than the US average, raising serious concerns about public safety for both locals and visitors. We’ll examine the five cities that have been deemed questionably the most dangerous in Delaware.


With 8,145 residents, this community is situated in Sussex County along the Nanticoke River. A large number of Seaford’s structures are designated historical sites, and the town has a long past.

Two of these, which have been in business since the 1700s, are hardware and dry goods stores. Because of the DuPont company’s nylon facility, Seaford is known as “The Nylon Capital Of The World.”

Not only that, but the region leads the country in chicken production. Regrettably, 27% of people in Seaford live in poverty.


The laurel plants that thrive alongside Broad Creek gave Laurel its name. Laurel was formerly the site of the Nanticoke Indian town.

The village gained notoriety as a potato farming settlement in the 1700s and 1800s. Many of the potato houses still survive today as you drive through the town.

Unveiling Delaware's Top 5 Riskiest Metropolitan Areas

Laurel has 4,431 residents as of right now, 20% of them are considered impoverished. The town has a 106% higher crime rate than the country as a whole.

A total of 215 crimes—39 violent and 176 property—were committed in the previous year. In Laurel, the odds of becoming a victim of property crime are 1 in 25.

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Wilmington, the biggest city in Delaware, is home to 70,100 people. Wilmington University and the state’s biggest port are located there.

In addition, the city is a hub for trade and business and features a sizable park along the river. Wilmington is home to the headquarters of Barclays, IBM, and Nestle.

Regretfully, the crime rate exceeds the national crime rate by 125%. Three,713 offenses were committed in total last year. 1,115 events were classified as violent crimes; these instances included 280 robberies, 786 aggravated assaults, and 31 murders.

There were 2,598 reports of property crimes, including 545 burglary and 440 auto thefts. One in 62 people will become a victim of violent crime, while one in 27 will become a victim of property crime.

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Because so many sawmills and gristmills historically thrived in the area, Millsboro got its name. The 4,600-person hamlet was once renowned as a wood settlement, but these days it’s well-known for being an excellent spot for rowing, fishing, and paddling.

Unveiling Delaware's Top 5 Riskiest Metropolitan Areas

Major employers in the town are BJ’s and Merck. Over the national average, the crime rate is 105% higher. In the previous years, there were 35 violent offenses and 187 property crimes in this little town.

Accordingly, this charming village on the Indian River is ranked as Delaware’s one of the most hazardous city.

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Delaware’s state capital, Dover, is home to about 40,000 residents. William Penn established Dover as a court town in 1683. It still serves as the state’s administrative hub and is the location of the governor’s mansion.

One of the biggest employers in the area is the Dover Air Force Base, which also houses the morgue where the remains of servicemen killed in action are processed.

Docer is home to a motor speedway, a casino, and other historic structures. Additionally, Kraft Foods has a Jell-O manufacturing facility located in the city.

Regretfully, Dover’s crime rate surpasses the national average by 108%. 329 violent offenses, including 274 aggravated assaults, 24 robberies, and 9 murders, were committed in the previous year.

A total of 1,549 property offenses were reported, including 1,412 incidents of larceny and 80 cat thefts. One in 116 people will become a victim of violent crime, and one in 24 will become a victim of property crime.

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To Conclude

Delaware has stunning beaches and a charming old world charm, but it’s important to be mindful of the high crime rates in some places.

When traveling to or relocating to Delaware, safety should be a top priority due to the depressing statistics in Wilmington, Millsboro, and Dover as well as the poverty that exists in Seaford and Laurel.

If you decide to travel throughout the state, make sure you are safe and have a good time by finding out the crime statistics in the areas you plan to visit.