Waterloo High School Receives Major Upgrades A Community Effort

Waterloo High School Receives Major Upgrades: A Community Effort

WATERLOO, Ala. – Numerous students, parents, and faculty members from Waterloo High School dedicated their Saturday to enhancing the school’s appearance.

According to WAFF’s news partner, the Times Daily, the school received much-needed improvements, including fresh mulch for the grounds, a new coat of paint, and the addition of new baseboards along the interior walls.

To create a welcoming atmosphere for the upcoming school year, green paw prints were artfully painted along School House Lane, leading to the front of Waterloo School, among other projects undertaken during the community work day.

Remarkably, this endeavor took place more than a week ahead of the start of classes in the Lauderdale County School System. Classes are scheduled to commence on different dates for various groups of students.

Those with last names starting from A through J will begin on August 8th, while students with last names starting from K through Z will begin on August 9th. All students, irrespective of their last names, are expected to report on August 10th.

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