Where to Find the Best Italian Meals in Virginia Beach

Where to Find the Best Italian Meals in Virginia Beach

There are numerous eating options in Virginia Beach, a seaside city renowned for its breathtaking coastline and lively food scene, to suit every taste. Italian food is one of the most special among them, providing warmth, history, and a hint of romance.

The Italian restaurant scene in Virginia Beach is as varied as it is mouthwatering, ranging from sophisticated bistros to family-run trattorias.

Come along as we discover the best kept secrets and neighborhood hangouts for mouthwatering pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and fine wines.

This guide will take you, whether you’re a local or just visiting, to the very center of Italy—right here in Virginia Beach.

Aldo’s Ristorante

Serving the community since 1988 is this restaurant. It prepares delectable Italian food with a contemporary flair. Your favorite Italian dishes are prepared by the culinary staff using seasonal ingredients.

Additionally, the crew makes every effort to purchase these items locally. Thus, anticipate only the freshest flavors with each bite. The taste of the shrimp scampi is delightful. The linguine’s stock of shrimp and lobster gives it unique seafood flavors.

The recipe becomes the greatest Italian food in Virginia Beach thanks to the wine, lemon, and butter.

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Mannino’s Italian Bistro

There are two Mannino’s Italian Bistro restaurants in Virginia, including this one. Its specialty is dinnertime Italian fare, both traditional and contemporary. The original Mannino’s Italian Bistro has seen tremendous success since it initially debuted in 2008.

Where to Find the Best Italian Meals in Virginia Beach

The crew uses family recipes to make dishes that are bursting with flavors of home cooking. Additionally, the dishes are brimming with real flavor. The greatest pasta in Virginia Beach is the Tortellini Rustica.

The rich tomato sauce on top gives the dish a somewhat acidic flavor. The actual star of the dish is the Italian sausage  and mushrooms.

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Planet Pizza

The greatest Italian food in Virginia Beach doesn’t always have to be upscale. Instead, consider Planet Pizza, which features an interior with a space motif. Moreover, its traditional and Italian-inspired meals are noteworthy.

And it’s because of the crew, who make them with a blend of locally sourced and traditional Italian ingredients. Try the Margherita pizza, which has basil and creamy mozzarella on top. Plus, the Chicken Parmesan Sub is delicious. The Italian Sub is a fantastic option.

The Provolone cheese gives the pepperoni, ham, and Genoa salami their wonderful, creamy flavor. The baked treat has a hint of sharpness from the Italian vinaigrette dressing.

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Isle of Capri

The IHG Hotel, Holiday Inn & Suites Virginia Beach – North Beach, is home to Isle of Capri. It offers a wide international range of more than 260 wines along with real Italian food. This restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including salads, pasta, and antipasti.

Where to Find the Best Italian Meals in Virginia Beach

Additionally, the meals’ genuine flavors will take you to Italy with every bite. It is due to Chef Pasquale Arcese, who combines regional elements with traditional Italian flavors in a dish. One of the greatest Italian restaurants in Virginia Beach is this one because of the Penne Positano.

With its topping of jumbo shrimp, the pasta is bursting with seafood aromas. For those amazing, meaty, tangy sensations, mix in prosciutto and sherry cream sauce.

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Rigoletto Italian Bakery & Cafe

Since 2006, Rigoletto Italian Bakery and Cafe has delighted patrons. And for good reason—it provides them with a comprehensive Italian eating experience. There is a mix of contemporary Italian dishes and classic Italian fare on the menu.

Start with a Chicken Parmigiana or Baked Ziti to get your fill of classic tastes. Take a bite out of the Penne Arrabiata. The drop of white wine gives the pasta a slightly fruity flavor. The dish’s distinctively acidic flavor is guaranteed by the tomato sauce.

To Conclude

From casual pizzerias to fine-dining establishments, Virginia Beach’s Italian food culture has something to offer everyone. It has exposed you to some of the best places to entice your taste senses, whether your craving is for a piece of Margherita pizza, fresh seafood pasta, or traditional chicken parmesan.

So gather some friends or family and come here in Virginia Beach to start your own Italian adventure!

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