Woman and Children's Deaths Expose Challenges at the Rio Grande Border
Image By: NBC News

Woman and Children’s Deaths Expose Challenges at the Rio Grande Border

A lady and two kids died in the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Friday night because U.S. border agents couldn’t help them, according to federal officials on Saturday.

A spokesperson from the Department of Homeland Security explained that U.S. Border Patrol agents knew about the migrants’ trouble from the Mexican government. Unfortunately, they couldn’t go to the location from the U.S. side because Texas National Guard troops, following Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s orders, stopped them.

“In responding to a distress call from the Mexican government, Border Patrol agents were physically barred by Texas officials from entering the area,” the spokesperson stated.

On Saturday, Representative Henry Cuellar from Texas emphasized the deaths of six migrants who were in trouble in the river on Friday night. Mexican authorities found the bodies of three migrants on Saturday. Unfortunately, we don’t have information about their identities or exact ages.

“Border Patrol attempted to contact the Texas Military Department, the Texas National Guard, and DPS Command Post by telephone to relay the information, but were unsuccessful,” Cuellar stated.

He further added: “Border Patrol agents then made physical contact with the Texas Military Department and the Texas National Guard at the Shelby Park Entrance Gate and verbally relayed the information. However, Texas Military Department soldiers stated they would not grant access to the migrants — even in the event of an emergency — and that they would send a soldier to investigate the situation.”

The Texas Military Department gave a different account. They stated that they were informed about a distress report but found no migrants needing help in the river. Later, they learned about an incident on the Mexican side that didn’t require their assistance.

The department mentioned being in contact with Border Patrol on Friday night. Border Patrol stated that Mexican authorities didn’t need help from the Texas department.


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