Woman Saved from Rampage by Brave Detectives with Marshals' Help

Woman Saved from Rampage by Brave Detectives with Marshals’ Help

Detective Alexander Dorado of Hialeah feared a man was on a crime spree after he returned after beating up his fiancée in a mobile home and set her home on fire three days later.

The same man was probably involved in a carjacking at knifepoint, according to Hialeah Detective Jason Couto’s suspicions. The victim drove a 2020 Hyundai sedan in silver and was a Lyft driver.

Ray Taboada, a Miami-Dade detective, identified the Hialeah suspect as the arsonist responsible for the firebombing of a residence in Richmond West and a 2012 Dodge Caravan.

The police concluded that the man known as “Rampage,” Jay Stubbs, a convicted felon, had threatened his girlfriend, saying, “If you don’t come back to me, I am going to kill your family!”

He was stopped by the investigators with the assistance of Texas deputies, according to an arrest warrant made public on Wednesday. May 2022 brought the woman’s nightmare of domestic abuse back.

Today, Stubbs, 31, was at the Metrowest Detention Center, which is located close to Doral, on Thursday. Because Miami-Dade correctional authorities booked him on Tuesday, according to inmate records, he is under custody by the U.S. Marshals Service.

He drove the stolen 2020 Hyundai to Texas and Harris County, where the victim was sheltering with a relative, following the domestic abuse and arson in Miami-Dade, according to the warrant.

The warrant additionally revealed Dorado informed the victim that he had called the Harris County Sheriff’s Department to request assistance in protecting her since he noticed Stubbs’s cellphone signal pinging close by.

In his request for a warrant pertaining to his contacts with Hialeah detectives, Taboada said that Stubbs “fled from the Sheriff’s Officers and… crashed the stolen vehicle and was… taken into custody after a foot chase.”

Records indicate that after Harris County officers caught Stubbs in possession of five Molotov bombs and a plastic bottle filled with gasoline, they recovered the stolen Hyundai.

Stubbs posed a threat to public safety. His criminal history revealed that in 2013, a Miami-Dade judge had given him a 10-year jail sentence for manslaughter. In 2021, the Florida Department of Corrections granted him his release.

Records indicate that although the beaten victim did not report the first domestic violence attack until after the arson on May 9, 2022, it occurred on May 6, 2022.

The carjacking and second arson occurred on May 22, and the arrest and pursuit took place on May 23, 2022.

Stubbs was charged with aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic battery by strangulation, first-degree arson, and second-degree arson in his new Miami-Dade cases.

The felony arson cases will be heard by Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Teresa Mary Pooler. The cases involving domestic abuse and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon will be heard by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Laura Maria Gonzalez-Marques.