Woman Tries to Sell 10-Year-Old Daughter for $20 in Jacksonville

Woman Tries to Sell 10-Year-Old Daughter for $20 in Jacksonville

A mother was allegedly trying to sell her 10-year-old daughter in Downtown Jacksonville for $20 when the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrested her. Also, according to the police, the woman offered her daughter $5 for sex.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office District 1 Bike Unit and patrol officers recently responded to multiple reports of a mother trying to sell her daughter, according to a statement that was made public.

When the 32-year-old mother told the local kindergarten teacher to “take her [suspect’s daughter] with you,” JSO learned this information while the teacher was delivering food to a neighboring homeless shelter. Give me $20, and I’ll give you her.

The mother allegedly offered her daughter $5 for sex, according to a guy who was questioned by investigators. Officers approached the individual before he reported the incident to the police.

It was alleged that the 10-year-old had not taken a wash in days, was hungry, and was weeping.

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To protect the child’s identity, the mother’s identity was withheld when she was arrested by officers on suspicion of child abuse and selling or surrendering a minor for money or property. Third-degree felonies apply to both.

In cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), detectives from the Integrity and Special Investigations Unit of JSO are still working on the investigation.

Additionally, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), the Child Protection Team (CPT), and the Special Assault Division of the State Attorney’s Office were notified about the case.

When detectives discovered that the infant was extremely sluggish, they took her to the hospital for treatment. While the matter proceeds through the legal system, she has been placed in a secure facility for the time being.

This serves as a somber reminder that human trafficking does occur in our neighborhood. It frequently goes unnoticed, according to a statement made by JSO.

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