Woman's Outburst at McDonald's Caught on Video Arrest and Charges Follow

Woman’s Outburst at McDonald’s Caught on Video: Arrest and Charges Follow

COCONUT CREEK, FLA. – A woman’s intense outburst inside a McDonald’s in Coconut Creek resulted in her being arrested, and the incident was captured on a video that circulated on social media.

The chaos unfolded at the McDonald’s located on 4200 Sample Road last week.

Nirva Pierre, a 32-year-old woman, now faces legal trouble, as authorities have charged her with burglary involving assault or battery, criminal mischief, and child abuse.

During a court appearance on Tuesday, it was revealed that Pierre’s angry reaction stemmed from a mistake with her order. The video that went viral showed her angrily crossing behind the counter, seizing a coffee pot, and hurling it at the employees.

The tumultuous scene caused a 17-year-old worker to be struck, as evident from the distressing cries audible in the video.

Regular customers of the McDonald’s shared their reactions as well.

Anthony Williams commented, “That’s absolutely insane. What has the world come to?”

Adam Brown shook his head, stating, “Unbelievable. I’m sympathetic. They don’t deserve that. The job is tough enough as it is. I feel for the staff. It’s a challenging job, and they certainly didn’t warrant such treatment.”

Tara Briganti also expressed her thoughts, saying, “I’m relieved I wasn’t there during that incident because I would’ve had to shield my kids from witnessing such behavior.”

Pierre drew attention again during the bond court proceeding when she let her emotions escalate, storming off-camera as the judge announced her bail at $27,500. This dramatic scene continued for several minutes, with Pierre’s off-camera sobs audible.

As part of the court’s orders, Pierre has been instructed to surrender any firearms she possesses and has been barred from entering any McDonald’s establishments in Broward County.

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