16-year-old Boy Shot and Killed in Daytona Beach!

16-year-old Boy Shot and Killed in Daytona Beach!

Police in Daytona Beach are looking for the person who shot and killed a 16-year-old boy.

Around 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday, someone opened fire on Hudson Street, near the John H. Dickerson Community Center.

People who saw the shooting told the police that they saw someone run away.

Frederick Cooper III got stuck in the middle of a fight in Daytona Beach, and now his neighbors are worried.

A Daytona Beach neighbor said, “I’m afraid my daughter won’t even be able to go outside and play.”

Since the suspect is still at large, the homeowner is afraid to say who he is. He told what he heard and saw last night outside his house.

The person from Daytona Beach said, “I heard about eight gunshots.” “I grabbed my girls right away and hid until I heard that it was over. Then I went outside to check on the cars and make sure they were all right. That’s when I saw the young man lying on the ground.

Cooper’s family and friends said that he was smart, kind, and funny.

Kenya Williams said, “Every time I walked out the door, he asked where my snacks were.”

Sonya Jackson, Cooper’s mother, said that her son was not guilty. She said that at the time of the killing, Cooper was taking a friend home.

Jackson wants to tell the person who shot her son what she thinks of them.

“I expect you to come forward,” Jackson said. “You killed a good person. That was my world, and everyone loved him.”

The person who shot the boy, according to the police, was wearing all black and walking.

Investigators looked for signs all over the neighborhood and checked the security cams, but they didn’t find any answers.

“I only want justice for my son,” Jackson said. “Whoever did this, I expect you to come forward.”

Witnesses said it looked like the suspect was a youngster.

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