Shocking Eight Drug Dealers Arrested for Selling Deadly Drugs in Volusia County!

Shocking: Eight Drug Dealers Arrested for Selling Deadly Drugs in Volusia County!

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — In West Volusia, eight people who sold heroin, methamphetamine, and fentanyl on the street were caught by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office last week and this week.

The sheriff’s office says it was a three-month operation with the Deltona Narcotics Enforcement Team.

They made 28 controlled drug purchases and found around 182 grams of heroin/fentanyl, 67 grams of methamphetamine, 106 grams of cocaine, and a range of pills.

Deputies say that Rene Roque, one of the drug dealers who was caught, lived in the woods near the DeBary neighborhood in Saxon Woods.

In February, a group of kids playing in a field found the body of a woman who had died from an overdose of fentanyl and methamphetamine after leaving Roque’s campsite, according to deputies.

During the operation, the following people were caught:

  • Russell Thomas Spor II, drug sales.
  • Heroin sales by Ronald Lee Stidd Jr.
  • Methamphetamine sales by Adalberto Pereira Cruz Marecoz.
  • Heroin sales by William Charles Remelius.
  • Christopher Frizzell, fentanyl sales.
  • Methamphetamine sale by Alexander Cepeda.
  • Rene Roque, sale of fentanyl.
  • Kwame Garvey Joseph, selling a drug on Schedule IV.

There are still six more suspects that deputies need to find:

  • Methamphetamine sales by Luis Quiles Jur.
  • Heroin sales by Darren Lawayne Graham.
  • Keith Lane Kratzer, sale less than a thousand feet from a park.
  • Selling fentanyl by Ra’Kim Me’Shod Edwards.
  • Sale of fentanyl by Latoya Lawson.
  • Jonathan Rodriguez, drug dealing.
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