17-Year-Old Miami Gardens Teen Charged with Second-Degree Murder in Love Rival's Death

17-Year-Old Miami Gardens Teen Charged with Second-Degree Murder in Love Rival’s Death

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – According to the police, a 17-year-old teenager from Miami Gardens will now face adult charges in the shooting death of his love rival. The incident occurred around noon on May 24th at a residence on Northwest 184th Street.

The arrest report states that the shooting revolved around a love triangle involving a 17 or 18-year-old teenager, Damareah Dewon Sanders, who was dating both the witness and the victim, William Lee Alexander III, at the same time.

The witness, who identified Sanders as her “ex-boyfriend” to the police, reported that Sanders and another individual entered her house and started assaulting Alexander with a broomstick. Sanders left but later returned, as stated in the warrant.

During the incident, the girlfriend was at school, but her sister urged her to come home after learning about the beating. Upon her return, another witness overheard Sanders questioning the girlfriend over the phone, asking why she didn’t inform him that Alexander was present.

The witness then heard an argument between the girlfriend and Alexander in the bedroom. According to the girlfriend, after they had returned to the bedroom, they heard Sanders and Carlton Rondell Harris, also 17, attempting to forcefully enter the room.

The two had gained entry through a window in another bedroom, according to the girlfriend’s statement in the warrant.

The girlfriend stated that she heard Harris, who was armed, ask Sanders if Alexander was the person they were looking for when they broke into the room.

Police reported that Harris fired a single shot at Alexander, who was later pronounced dead at HCA Florida Aventura Hospital. Sanders and Harris fled the scene.

The witness informed the police that he recognized Harris but clarified that he was not the person present during the broomstick assault.

Recent court records indicate that Sanders’ case has been transferred to adult court, and he was subsequently booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a second-degree murder charge. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.

It remains unclear whether Harris has been arrested or charged in connection with the shooting.

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