2024 Poll: Biden Closes Gap on Trump in Presidential Race

2024 Poll: Biden Closes Gap on Trump in Presidential Race

According to a new poll from the New York Times and Siena College, President Joe Biden is closing the gap with former President Donald Trump in the polls, demonstrating how close the 2024 presidential election will be.

Trump and Biden are separated by just one percentage point, with Trump at 46% and Biden at 45%. The poll gives the president-elect a big lift, as he has been trailing Trump in recent surveys.

In a March poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College, Trump was ahead of Biden by five points, at 48% and 43%, respectively.

However, it seems that Americans who supported Biden in the 2020 elections are beginning to back him more. Compared to 83% who stated the same thing in the previous poll, 89% of his 2020 supporters say they would vote for him now.

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The percentage of Trump’s 2020 supporters who still strongly support him is 94%, down from 97% in the March poll.

Black and Latino voters, who have been losing support for Biden, have begun to turn out to be an important coalition in his 2020 success. The poll indicates that his popularity among those people is still lower than it was in 2020.

Furthermore, although 69% of respondents to the poll believe Biden is too old to be a successful president, those over 65 are less concerned about Biden’s age.

However, other campaign-related concerns still cause problems for Biden’s reelection effort. The poll indicates that the former president is ahead of Biden on immigration and the economy.

Regarding the economy, 64% of respondents were satisfied with Trump’s management while 63% were unhappy with Biden’s. Furthermore, 50% of Americans supported Trump’s approach on immigration, while 64% disapproved of Biden’s leadership.

A margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points was applied to the 1,059 registered voters who participated in the poll.