$25M Grant Awarded to MARTA for South DeKalb Transit Hub Development
Image By: 11Alive.com

$25M Grant Awarded to MARTA for South DeKalb Transit Hub Development

The Biden Administration has granted $25,347,982 to MARTA to be used in the construction of the South DeKalb Transit Hub over the next several years.

Four high-ridership bus routes—15 (Candler Road), 186 (Rainbow Way), 74 (Flat Shoals), and 9 (Boulevard/Tilson Road)—will be served by the hub, which is expected to occupy 2500 square feet.

At South DeKalb on Candler Road, the hub will be constructed close to the Gallery. There will be areas for you to purchase a ticket, use the restroom, catch or transfer buses, and obtain real-time service information for your trip.

“This grant covers almost 70% of the funding for this project and supports the improvement of bus facilities and amenities and workforce development in DeKalb,” MARTA General Manager and CEO Collie Greenwood stated.

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The White House claims that the new construction would improve the neighborhood and reduce the number of cars on the road, which will lessen the likelihood of accidents involving vehicles and the production of dangerous pollutants.

In 2026, the hub is anticipated to open.


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