5 BBQ Hotspots You Can't Miss in Austin

Flavor Haven: 5 BBQ Hotspots You Can’t Miss in Austin

This is the real Texas, where people live for their barbecue and the smell of smoked beef permeates the air. More than just a dish, barbecue is a way of life, a tradition, and a hotly disputed title in Austin.

These five BBQ restaurants in the city, each having a distinct flavor and backstory, are explored in-depth in this article. As we explore Austin’s Top 5 BBQ, get a napkin ready because this is going to get deliciously messy.

La Barbecue

Austin’s favorite barbecue joint, pitmasters, is now operated by women; on weekends and evenings, you’ll almost always find lineups around the block.

The recipes at La Barbecue are exclusively their own. For the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth experience, their brisket is slow-cooked over Texas post oak for 14 to 16 hours, surpassing the quality of any BBQ joint.

5 BBQ Hotspots You Can't Miss in Austin

The meat is carefully grass-fed, locally sourced, and hormone-free. Come enjoy anything from their extensive beverage menu while lounging on the East Side restaurant’s patio, which is flanked by picnic tables and several huge ancient trees that provide shade.

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Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew

Stiles Switch Barbecue & Brew operates and appears like any other restaurant: It feels like a pint-sized home, is furnished with chic yet understated hardwood tables, and can prepare enough food to feed every guest that comes in during business hours.

5 BBQ Hotspots You Can't Miss in Austin

But the distinction is made by pitmaster Lance Kirkpatrick’s attention to detail. Taylor, a native Texan with 15 years of culinary experience, makes sure that the classic Central Texas-style ingredients—salt and pepper rub, post-oak-wood smoking, and handcrafted everything—translate to extraordinary quality, right down to the last bite.

Some other ingredients, such a dash of citrus and some New Mexico chile powder, result in some really unique BBQ flavors.

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Franklin Barbecue

According to the narratives you will have to wait at least two hours to get to the front of the queue if you want to eat at the actual restaurant Franklin Barbecue rather than ordering food to go.

5 BBQ Hotspots You Can't Miss in Austin

Is the hoopla justified, then? For the most part… All of the prime cuts, including the brisket from renowned pitmaster Aaron Franklin, are excellent and are sliced as thick as some beef ribs.

The pork spare ribs have a bite that is satisfying because they are a little more peppery than others, and the turkey is excellent despite what one might not think. Stick to the meats and avoid the sides if you want your wait to be worth every second.

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Kerlin BBQ

While Bill Kerlin and his wife Amelis originally came from Arizona to Austin, their meats are now some of the most delicious in the area. They use the tried-and-true Central Texas techniques, which are effective.

5 BBQ Hotspots You Can't Miss in Austin

A pepper-heavy rub and a formidable bone-to-meat ratio characterize pork spare ribs; sausage, delivered every day from Smokey Denmark’s down the street, is spicy-sweet and juicy throughout, never veering into way-too-rich territory; post oak makes for less smoke penetration in the brisket and pork, which better preserves the meats’ natural flavors.

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Micklethwait Craft Meats

Journey five minutes towards the east to reach Micklethwait Craft Meats, a small, one-pit trailer with a few picnic tables set in an unaware East Side lot.

5 BBQ Hotspots You Can't Miss in Austin

Not that you’ll have to wait forever, but you do have to get there during the first few working hours to get a taste of pitmaster Tom Micklethwait’s products, which tend to sell out quickly.

There’s a beef rib, some extra-peppery, smoky pork spare ribs, and a chunk of brisket that holds up beautifully to the knife and fork test. heavenly.

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To Conclude

There’s something for every craving in Austin’s BBQ culture, from the renowned lines at Franklin Barbecue to the undiscovered treasure that is Micklethwait Craft Meats.

Whether it’s Stiles Switch’s inventive takes on tradition or La Barbecue’s succulent brisket, every pitmaster adds something special to the mix.

So gather your friends and a nice drink, and prepare to be embraced by Austin’s authentic Texas BBQ with a smokey hug. Recall that patience pays off, particularly when it results in a mouthwatering morsel of barbecue perfection.