5 Budget-Friendly Places to Settle in Kansas

Living on a Budget: 5 Budget-Friendly Places to Settle in Kansas

Kansas, a state renowned for its vast grasslands and deep past, provides a range of reasonably priced housing options to suit all budgets and tastes.

The Sunflower State has something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re drawn to the exciting metropolitan life or the peace and quiet of small-town living. These are the top five most affordable areas in Kansas to live:


With 25,000 residents, Emporia is a decent location halfway between Kansas City and Wichita. Living expenses are 25% less than the national average and 10% less than the state average.One can purchase an average house for $137,000.

A two-bedroom apartment typically costs $570 per month in rent. This place might support a single individual living on less than $20,000 per year, or $25,000 for a small family. Emporia has a long history of serving as a hub for westward migration.

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In the southern region of the state, there are 12,000 residents in the little town of Winfield. The cost of living is 29% less than the average for the country.

Winfield is 15% more costly than the state average, illustrating just how cheap Kansas can be. Normally, a house costs $116,000.

Living on a Budget: 5 Budget-Friendly Places to Settle in Kansas

In Winfield, one might survive on $22,000 annually as a single person. One of the best bluegrass festivals in the country is held in the town every year.

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Liberal is situated in a remote region of the state’s southwest, which is well-known for being extremely dry. Although it boasts a community college and a thriving town, it is somewhat secluded.

Living expenses are 26% lower than the national average and 10% lower than the state average. The price of a property is approximately $130,000, while rental rates are 35% less than the national average.

A small family may survive on $28,000 a year, and other goods and services are considerably less expensive. With only 20,000 residents, Liberal is somewhat remote.

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Wellington is a 7700-person community in central Kansas. Wichita and other big cities are only a short drive away due to its location on an interstate.

Part of Wellington’s affordability is its housing, which is 23% less than the national average and 8% less than the state average.

5 Budget-Friendly Places to Settle in Kansas

While everything else is far lower than the national average, groceries are not that much below it. Here, a decent home can be purchased for less than $100,000.

Wellington is only one of several small cities experiencing demographic declines; during the past three decades, the city has lost almost 1,000 residents.

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Topeka may be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a bigger city. With 126,000 residents, it is the fifth-largest city in the state and serves as the capital.

Kansas City is not too far away. Living expenses are 20% less than the national average and 4% less than the state average.

While rent is more than the state average but still lower than the national average, the average cost of a home is $427,000. In Topeka, a small family may get by on $30,000 a year.

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To Conclude

Kansas presents a strong argument to families and people on a tight budget looking for a reasonably priced area to call home. All of these places—from vibrant little towns like Winfield to the elegance of Topeka, the state capital—have their own distinct personalities and reasonable cost of living.

For individuals looking for affordability and Midwestern charm, Kansas offers an appealing alternative with a variety of housing alternatives and living expenses significantly lower than the national average.

Thus, if you want to get more for your money, think about visiting some of the numerous friendly and reasonably priced towns in the Sunflower State.