A Homeowner in a Miami Suburb Opened Fire on Police as They Served a Warrant
Image Source: CBS News

A Homeowner in a Miami Suburb Opened Fire on Police as They Served a Warrant

A Miami police detective faced danger when a SWAT team executed a search warrant early on Thursday.

Miami Assistant Chief of Police Armando Aguilar stated that,

“This morning just after 2 a.m. we had detectives from our Tactical Robbery Unit and Tactical Investigations Unit set up on a perimeter around a house where a wanted suspect was believed to hiding in the 1400 block of NW 70th Street”.

He mentioned that a SWAT team was present to carry out both a search warrant and an arrest warrant.

Aguilar stated that Joven Algudin, aged 40, is being sought for 12 felony cases that happened from December of the previous year to July of this year. He also noted that Algudin has a criminal record with 16 convictions and has been apprehended 64 times for felonies and 32 times for misdemeanors.

The current felony charges against him comprise eight burglaries, two instances of grand theft auto, and an armed robbery.

Aguilar told that, “This morning as the SWAT team was executing the search warrant, one of the homeowners of an adjacent property exited the property and discharged several rounds from a firearm at one of our detectives. The detective fired back.”

Fortunately, both individuals remained unharmed. Aguilar mentioned that the homeowner experienced a medical issue. A video depicts him being restrained to a stretcher and transported to an awaiting ambulance, ultimately being conveyed to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

He also said, “We don’t know why he opened fire, We don’t know if it was a case of mistaken identification or what the intent was. But right now we do not believe there is enough evidence to believe this merits criminal charges against the homeowner.”

Miami Police Officer Mike Vega informed CBS News Miami’s Peter D’Oench that the homeowner’s hospital stay duration was uncertain.

Algudin, who had barricaded himself within a room, resisted leaving the house for approximately half an hour. Ultimately, he willingly surrendered, and authorities arrested him without any issues.

Fresh details from the Miami Police suggest that Algudin might be linked to up to 15 business break-ins in the city.

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