Police Apprehend Suspect in Fort Lauderdale Hotel Shooting

Police Apprehend Suspect in Fort Lauderdale Hotel Shooting

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. – The police have apprehended a man in relation to the fatal shooting of a hotel guest at a Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel, which left other visitors deeply shocked.

Cellphone footage depicted Fort Lauderdale Police officers and paramedics from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue as they encircled the Ocean Mile Hotel early on Wednesday morning.

A dispatcher’s radio transmission stated, “Rescue, respond to a shooting. Caller reporting someone has been shot.”

Investigators revealed that the victim was discovered in the hotel’s breezeway with a gunshot wound to the chest.

“It was terrifying, as it was our first night in Florida,” recounted hotel guest Izzy Blakey.

Detectives explained that the shot was fired just after midnight at the hotel, situated along A1A, close to Northeast 41st Street, and they added that the shooting seems to have been a random assault.

Blakey and Meg Gill, tourists from England, recounted hearing the chaos while staying on the third floor.

“We were frozen for a moment, looked out the window, and saw a guy lying lifeless on the floor in the lobby area near the pool,” recalled Gill. “They were trying to revive him and it was really distressing and frightening.”

Paramedics swiftly transported the victim to the emergency room, where he succumbed to his injuries, as per police reports.

“We were in a panic, wondering, ‘Where is the person who did this? Where is he now?'” expressed Blakey.

Later on, the police identified the shooter as 40-year-old Matthew Mallory, who they believed might be homeless.

Hours later, officers discovered the suspect across the street from the crime scene, trespassing at a different hotel. He was subsequently arrested.

In a court session on Thursday afternoon, Broward County Circuit Judge Chris Brown learned about Mallory’s recent criminal history.

“A battery charge in 2022, a fleeing and eluding charge in 2021, and three separate trespassing charges in 2020,” detailed a prosecutor.

Mallory is facing a first-degree murder charge.

Tourists were left astonished that their vacation took such a grim turn.

“I’m really, really shocked because I didn’t think something like this would happen here, in an area like this,” said Tristanie Betineli, a visitor from Louisiana.

“Of course, unfortunate incidents happen everywhere, but a shooting in a hotel is not what you anticipate on your first day of vacation,” remarked Blakey. “It’s truly frightening.”

As of late Thursday night, the police have not disclosed the victim’s identity. They believe he had no prior acquaintance with the suspect.

Mallory remains in custody.

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