After Pinching and Knee-Capping Youngsters, a Man is Now Facing Violence Charges

After Pinching and Knee-Capping Youngsters, a Man is Now Facing Violence Charges

A teacher at Chapman Early Education Center in Panama City, identified as Gary Gainer, 54, is now facing battery charges as per a Panama City Police Department report.

The report states that he allegedly pinched a four-year-old child who was shifting around on a reading mat. The incident was reported by another teacher, and subsequently, security camera footage was reviewed.

The video evidence also shows Gainer removing a three-year-old child from a time-out chair, guiding the child to the reading mat by their arm, and then pressing his knee against the child.

The complaint states that, “The defendant grabs the victim’s arm with two hands then turns him to the side. As the victim starts to sit down, the defendant unnecessarily pushes his knee into the victim’s body.”

The attacks occurred on August 16.

The ‘classroom management practices’ paper was signed by Gainer on January 5, 2023. In it, the school’s disciplinary policies are laid forth in full. The document expressly states that “use of physical punishments is not permitted.” This includes “pinching, bumping or forced rocking, grabbing or jerking on a child and slapping, hitting or shaking.”

Gainer, after viewing the footage, reportedly told police that he “acted in a manner so the children would respect him (and) he wanted to set the tone on how to behave since it was the beginning of the school year.”

In October, there will be a preliminary hearing for Gainer.

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