Alarming Rise of Bed Bug Cases Reported Across These 5 Arizona Cities

Alarming Rise of Bed Bug Cases Reported Across These 5 Arizona Cities

The small, elusive parasites known as bed bugs, which have caused agony and annoyance for generations, are experiencing a notable resurgence in the Grand Canyon State.

An alarming increase in bed bug infestations has been reported recently throughout Arizona, with numerous areas reporting severe problems. This article explores the top five Arizonan cities that continue to have problems with these invasive pests.

A Look Inside the Orkin Report

Three Arizona cities’ unpleasant realities are revealed by Orkin’s annual study, which lists the top 50 American cities with the highest incidence of bed bugs. Ranking 11th, 33rd, and 49th place, respectively, Phoenix, Tucson, and Prescott are among the cities most affected by bed bugs.


In addition to being the center of political action, Phoenix, the vibrant capital city, is also a hotspot for bed bug infestations. Phoenix has bed insect problems ranking 11th in the country, partly due to the city’s strong tourist traffic and dense population.

Alarming Rise of Bed Bug Cases Reported Across These 5 Arizona Cities


Tucson’s warm climate makes it the perfect place for bed bugs to proliferate.Avoiding these biting insects is a difficulty for both locals and visitors to the 33rd most infested city in the United States.

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Prescott, which ranks 49th on the national list, is well-known for its historical sites and scenic surroundings, but it also has a rising bed insect problem. The numerous wooden buildings in the city make for ideal bed bug hiding places, which exacerbates the issue.

Sun City

Popular retirement community Sun City recently dealt with a “massive” bed bug infestation when it was discovered that bed bugs were hiding under a king-sized bed.

Alarming Rise of Bed Bug Cases Reported Across These 5 Arizona Cities

Because of how bad things were, there were pests stacked up on the floor an inch deep, which emphasizes how important it is to be vigilant even in private homes.

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There is still a bed bug plague in Scottsdale’s posh hotels and estimated 10,000 bed bugs were discovered in a recent infestation, demonstrating that no location is immune from these unwanted visitors. The bugs are found only one inch below the floor.

Prevention and Control

The complicated problem of bed bug comeback in Arizona is impacted by a number of variables, including travel, climate, and low public awareness.

Experts advise careful examinations of motel rooms, rental automobiles, and used furniture in order to prevent these pests. In addition, as soon as an infestation appears, expert pest control services ought to be contacted.

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To Conclude

Both locals and visitors to Arizona are quite concerned about the state’s bed insect epidemic. These pests are becoming more common throughout the state, from thriving Phoenix to quaint Prescott.

Being vigilant is essential, whether you’re visiting opulent resorts in Scottsdale or quaint retirement communities in Sun City.

Arizonans can fight the bed bug resurgence and reclaim their homes from these unwanted guests by being informed of the hazards, adopting preventative steps, and getting professional aid at the first indication of an infestation.

Recall that eliminating bed bugs requires both professional action and early discovery. Thus, maintain awareness, take initiative, and relish a pest-free Arizona experience.