New Jersey's Bed Bug Nightmare: 3 Cities Hit Hardest

New Jersey’s Bed Bug Nightmare: 3 Cities Hit Hardest

Often causing itching and allergic reactions, bed bugs are small, elusive parasites that feed on human blood. The folds of drapes and the seams of mattresses are just a few of the locations they can be found.

They are skilled at concealing. Whereas the younger nymphs are smaller and have a paler color, the adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and roughly the size of an apple seed.

When it comes to bed bug infestations, New Jersey has been dealing with a serious issue, especially in three of its most infected cities. An ideal environment for these pests to proliferate has been produced by the state’s dense population and frequent use of international airports.

Recognizing the Signs

A bed bug infestation is indicated by bite wounds on the skin, bloodstains on linens, dark excrement spots, a musty smell, and the presence of shed skins or live bed bugs.To stop an infestation from becoming out of control, it’s imperative to notice these symptoms as soon as possible.

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New Jersey's Bed Bug Nightmare: 3 Cities Hit Hardest

Three Cities Are Among the Most Bed Bug Infested in New Jersey

Based on the number of treatments conducted by Orkin between December 1, 2022, and November 30, 2023, the following three cities in New Jersey had the worst bed bug infestations:

  • Trenton Ranked number fourteen, up one spot from the year before.
  • Newark – This year, they are ranked number 18, one spot lower than last.
  • Atlantic City – Moved up two spots from the previous year to rank number 23.

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Preventative Measures

Controlling the spread of bed bugs requires prevention. It is recommended that people check used clothing and furnishings before bringing them into their homes, and travelers should exercise caution while handling their luggage.In addition to routine inspections, professional pest control services can aid in the prevention of these pests.

New Jersey's Bed Bug Nightmare: 3 Cities Hit Hardest

New Jersey Laws Regarding Bed Bugs

According to N.J.A.C. 5:10–10.2, landlords in the Garden State are obligated to take responsibility for bed bugs. Regardless of how the bed bug infestation happened, the landlord is required to contact a licensed exterminator when a renter reports a problem.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to promptly report any evidence of bed bugs. They must also assist in the extermination procedure by according to the protocols established by the bed bug removal firm, getting their house ready for treatment, and, if required, getting rid of infested objects.

Landlords risk fines if they ignore infestations of bed bugs. Tenants may be allowed to end their lease or refuse to pay if the issue persists. Tenants are typically encouraged to preserve a file of all correspondence regarding the infestation and, in case legal counsel is required, to consult an attorney.

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In New Jersey, especially in Trenton, Newark, and Atlantic City, bed bugs are a serious issue. They pose a constant threat because of their tendency to remain hidden and their preference for crowded areas as breeding sites.

Residents of New Jersey may fight bed bug invasions and create a pest-free environment by identifying the indicators of infestation, comprehending tenant and landlord responsibilities, and putting preventative measures like used furniture checks and luggage vigilance into practice.

Recall that early detection is essential! Do not hesitate to get in touch with a licensed exterminator if you believe you have a bed bug infestation.