Main Streets of New Hampshire's Countryside

Main Street Escapes: Main Streets of New Hampshire’s Countryside

Any city or town, no matter how big or little, has its main street as its face. Small communities in New Hampshire welcome visitors with quaint and lovely main streets.

Hanover, home of Ivy League school Dartmouth College, and Plymouth are both thriving college towns with busy main streets all year round.

The White Mountains Region’s Plymouth and Littleton are riverfront towns with breathtaking mountain views, while Hanover’s downtown is crossed by the Appalachian Trail.

A small town’s main street can play a key role in defining its allure, influencing everything from its attractions to its cleanliness, décor, and scenic surrounds.


Concord surpasses expectations in terms of its vibrant downtown area, which one may anticipate from the state capital. There are many attractions in the downtown area, but it doesn’t feel congested.

The main street, which was formerly only a four-lane road for traffic, has been transformed into an interesting place with activities for all visitors.

Currently called South Main Street, this pleasant avenue features broad walkways dotted with a variety of stores and eateries, a theater, a movie theater, and a large gold dome monument.

It’s a great location for meeting people and taking in the local way of life, especially at outdoor hangouts like The Draft Sports Bar & Grill. Concord, a town of around 43,000 inhabitants, is known as “New Hampshire’s Main Street” because it has a main street that is valuable and exudes a strong feeling of community pride and progressiveness.

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Hanover’s culinary and cultural diversity are enhanced, offering plenty of tourist attractions and a broad selection of dining options for both the active and the inquisitive.

Main Streets of New Hampshire's Countryside

Throughout the school year and summer—the latter being the best time to hike the adjacent Appalachian Trail—the main street, which runs through the center of campus, is lively.

Visiting the charming stores and eateries, which include the highly regarded Morano Gelato, offers an opportunity to strike up interesting discussions with both locals and tourists.

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Situated around nine miles from the shore, this town is among the oldest in New Hampshire and has a flourishing historic downtown that dates back to 1638.

Waterfront access is available from Exeter’s prominent Main Street, which is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous downtown districts in the country. Along the Squamscott River, it links to Hwy 111. This intersection is home to a number of popular restaurants and the distinctive Puddlejumpers Children’s Store.

Visitors can view the impressive Phillips Exeter Academy and its campus just a short stroll away.

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As its name implies, Littleton, tucked up against Vermont, epitomizes charm in the White Mountains area. The downtown center is incredibly lovely, with a central gazebo and scenic loveliness along the Ammonoosuc River.

Main Streets of New Hampshire's Countryside

Amidst beautiful peaks, Main Street’s stores and cafes offer a daily respite for locals and a journey of discovery for tourists, all thanks to their expansive views of the surrounding mountains.

The town’s beautiful attractiveness is enhanced by the historic Thayer’s Inn and its restaurant located across the river. Littleton’s old grist mill and historic opera theater are must-sees for anybody looking for images straight out of a fairy tale, especially during an evening performance.

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With its lakeside appeal and location in the Lakes Region, Meredith is a popular weekend getaway destination for New Hampshire residents.

The 48 Main Cafe & Creperie is a popular starting point for visitors; other must-see locations are the charming Meredith Inn by the sea, the nearby Meredith Library, and Hermit Woods Winery & Eatery, which offer authentically American experiences.

Past the lakeside strip, which offers winding, steep walkways to the north, Mill Falls Marketplace is a great place to get a taste of the local way of life. Foundry-chic Giuseppe’s provides a glamorous dining option at this waterfront intersection.

Final Words

New Hampshire’s major streets have something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a picturesque riverfront setting, a historic downtown experience, or a busy college town ambiance.

Every town has its own distinct personality, from the capital city of Concord with its renovated main street to the picturesque waterfront towns of Exeter and Meredith.

Thus, the next time you’re making travel plans to New Hampshire, remember to include some time for exploring the state’s quaint main streets. You’re going to love it!