The Most Remote Small Town in New York

Far from the Crowd: The Most Remote Small Town in New York

Beyond just New York City, the state of New York is well-known for much more. But when it comes to tourists, all the spotlight is focused on the Big Apple.

The 9,000 square mile Finger Lakes region is home to abundant flora and fauna, breathtaking views of the Great Lakes, and enormous bodies of water.

The most isolated town in New York is one of those small ones. Furthermore, this Lake Ontario town has a reputation for constantly taking a backseat to Finger Lakes. Everyone who travels to Wayne County will agree that the trip was worthwhile.

About Sodus Point, New York

The farthest-flung tiny community in the state is Sodus Point, NY. Situated in the heart of the Finger Lakes region, Sodus Point is a lakefront community.

However, Sodus Point stands apart from the other little towns in the vicinity because it is a “destination” as opposed to a site that is discovered during one of the many gorgeous drives through the Finger Lakes region on the way to another location.

The Most Remote Small Town in New York

When visitors first arrive at Sodus Point, they are primarily struck by the fact that Great Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario, in particular, encircle the peninsula on which the town is situated. Sodus Point is a crucial port for trade between the United States and Canada because of these identical bodies of water.

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History of Sodus Point

A section of the Underground Railroad passed at Sodus Point later in the 1850s, when enslaved persons seeking freedom could use underground passageways to pass through the Finger Lakes, reach the port, and then sail across Lake Ontario to Canada.

During World War II, Sodus Point served as the site of a prisoner-of-war camp for German soldiers. Sadly, the inmates were not subjected to the same conditions as prisoners of war in Germany.

Some of the soldiers stayed behind and made Sodus Point and other parts of the Finger Lakes region their home after the war, rather than going back to Germany.

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Things To Do in Sodus Point, New York

Despite being a popular tourist site, Sodus Point is not a good place to go on a weekend break. This is a result of the lack of lodging options in the town, including hotels and B&Bs. VRBOs or summertime homes on the shore that are set aside for extended stays are the town’s options for visitors who choose to remain.

The Most Remote Small Town in New York

Sodus Point offers a plethora of activities and sights to explore despite this. Everyone can find something to do, whether it’s visiting famous lighthouses or enjoying a delectable snack.

  • Sodus Point Beach Park
  • Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum
  • Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club
  • Pop’s House of Country Collectibles

A stroll to enjoy dinner and beverages on the waterfront is also convenient because most of the food and drink establishments are close to one another.

It should be remembered that not all businesses are open all year round; some might only be open in the spring and summer.

To make sure there is seating available and the establishment is open for business, it is worthwhile to give them a call in advance.

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Final Words

Upstate New York is full of hidden treasures, and Sodus Point is just one of several located beyond the bright lights of New York City. This picturesque lakefront hamlet, which is tucked away on the banks of Lake Ontario, has a rich history, gorgeous scenery, and a laid-back vibe.

Sodus Point makes for an ideal weekend getaway in a vacation rental or day trip, even if there aren’t many hotels or resorts there.

Sodus Point has something for everyone with its lovely beaches, old lighthouse, and charming boutiques. Consequently, be sure to put Sodus Point on your bucket list for New York if you’re searching for a quaint getaway from the busyness of daily life!