The Top 5 Expensive Places to Call Home in Texas

The Priciest Pockets: The Top 5 Expensive Places to Call Home in Texas

Texas, often known as the Lone Star State, is a place with a wide variety of cities and landscapes. Although it has one of the lowest costs of living in the country when compared to other regions, it also has some of the most upscale and costly areas to live.

These opulent communities provide their residents with a special combination of comfort, elegance, and easy access to the best facilities. These five upscale Texas locations—where chasing the American dream comes with a hefty price tag—range from the undulating hills of the countryside to the busy streets of major cities.

University Park

University Park is home to 25,179 people and is a thriving community. University Park has a relatively low population count (215), but a high cost of living index.

But this is counterbalanced by a strong median income of $250,001, which reflects how wealthy its residents are. With an average property price of $2,037,260, University Park’s real estate market reflects the elite quality of the neighborhood.

Highland Park

Highland Park is a town that has 8,840 residents with a high cost of living index (237). In spite of this, the area’s wealthy demographics are reflected in the high median income of $249,923 that locals enjoy.

The Top 5 Expensive Places to Call Home in Texas

With an average property price of $2,475,526 in Highland Park, the real estate market reflects the elite status of the neighborhood.

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With 17,163 residents, Bellaire is a thriving city that has a 171 Cost of Living Index, which is indicative of its high level of living. Bellaire, which has a typical income of $215,636, draws people who are looking for stability and economic success.

This desirable location’s average home price is $986,454, which reflects the area’s worth and desirability of real estate. Bellaire is a desirable location for people looking for a mix of comfort, affluence, and a friendly atmosphere because of its wealth of options and strong sense of community.

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Parker, a 5,573-person tiny town, has a high level of living despite having a 161 cost of living index. The community’s excellent $202,727 median income belies its comparatively tiny size, since it indicates a rich populace.

The Top 5 Expensive Places to Call Home in Texas

Parker’s affluent position is reflected in the real estate market, where the average home price is $1,011,628. These numbers highlight the town’s allure as a sought-after place to live, providing a mix of affluence and high standards of living for its citizens.

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Terrell Hills

There are about 5,045 people living in Terrell Hills, a delightful little town in Texas. With a Cost of Living Index of 153, Terrell Hills is renowned for its premium lifestyle and tranquil surroundings, but it also has a rather high cost of living.

Despite this, the typical income of $199,643 allows the locals to maintain a reasonable quality of living. The area’s popularity is reflected in the real estate market, where the average home price is $840,452.

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Final Words

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Texas, even those who want to live in luxury. These affluent communities, which range from the expansive estates of University Park to the little enclaves of Terrell Hills, offer residents an unmatched blend of luxury, comfort, and easy access to first-rate amenities.

But be ready to shell out a lot of cash because these places have some of the highest cost of living in the state.

Texas’ affluent havens present an alluring choice for those pursuing the American dream or simply want a lavish lifestyle, but keep in mind that these exclusive areas come at a charge.