Animal Abuse: Loxahatchee Dog Trainer in Custody for Hanging Dog With a Leash
Image Source: WPDE

Animal Abuse: Loxahatchee Dog Trainer in Custody for Hanging Dog With a Leash

In Loxahatchee, a dog trainer was arrested on animal cruelty charges. The incident was reported when the owner of Fine Line Family K-9 complained to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control on March 18.

The owner had video evidence of Knighten’s actions, including a disturbing incident where she choked a dog for 15 to 20 seconds. Knighten claimed she left her job voluntarily in a call with CBS12 News.

On March 30, the owner shared the incriminating videos with Animal Care and Control officers.

The videos showed Knighten and someone named Colton Mcderman mistreating animals, including suspending dogs over a “bite box,” causing them to hang by their necks with their front paws off the ground.

One incident highlighted in the arrest report involved Knighten doing this to a black and tan German Shepherd for 24 seconds before releasing the dog and then walking it on a leash.

During the walk, Knighten pulled forcefully on the leash, causing the dog to choke. The videos also showed Knighten hitting the dog with her hands and leash and delivering multiple kicks to the dog’s muzzle, causing yelps.

Debbie Bruno, a dog owner, expressed her shock at the treatment shown in the videos and said she couldn’t imagine it happening to her dog, Chestnut.

Knighten claimed that the owner mistreated the animals and neglected their care at Fine Line Family K-9. She also accused the owner of blackmail, as mentioned in the arrest report.

Eduardo Vivas, another dog owner, said that regardless of the reasons, such actions were unjustifiable.

Knighten alleged that the owner coerced staff members into using abusive training methods and threatened her with termination if she didn’t mistreat the dogs. However, the owner denied these allegations when questioned by Animal Care and Control officials.

Animal Care and Control officers emphasized their strong stance against animal abuse, stating that cruelty has no place in their community.

Captain David Walesky, Assistant Director for Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, stated, “Animal cruelty has no place in our community.

They can’t speak. They can’t tell you what’s going on. It does take people to get involved, do the right thing, bring it forward to the authorities, and then we’re going to try to prosecute everybody we can who abuses animals.”

After the investigation, Knighten was arrested and currently faces five counts of animal cruelty. She was released on a $3,000 bond.

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