Lucky Numbers: How a Swimming Session Turned into an $18,888 Lottery Win

Lucky Numbers: How a Swimming Session Turned into an $18,888 Lottery Win

A retired truck driver from Dixon won $18,888 in an Iowa Lottery scratch-off game after he followed his intuition to buy tickets after finishing his swimming routine.

Marty Curry, aged 66, shared with Iowa Lottery officials that he had eight and 18 in mind after his swimming session.

He won $18,888 in the Crazy 8s scratch-off game, which was the fifth-highest prize available in the game.

In accordance with a news release from the Iowa Lottery, his decision to buy tickets was influenced by the numbers eight and 18.

“I don’t usually buy lottery tickets, but I decided to go to Hy-Vee across the street, and if they had any tickets with the number eight, I’d purchase them,” Curry told Iowa Lottery officials as he claimed his prize. “For some reason, that combination of eight and 18 stuck in my mind, and that’s exactly what I won: $18,888.”

Curry purchased several $2 game tickets at the Hy-Vee on Le Claire Road in Eldridge and scratched them off at home.

The significant prize was revealed on the last ticket he scratched.

In a joyful tone, Curry mentioned, “It was just me, my two dogs, and the cat, and I said to them, ‘You guys can have all the treats you want!’ It was like I couldn’t believe it, almost like a dream. I stared at it, then stared at the number again. I stared at it, and then I just started crying.”

Curry plans to share his winnings with his children and grandchildren, expressing his desire to assist not only himself but also others.

The Crazy 8s game costs $2 and offers six top prizes of $18,888, with overall odds of 1 in 3.82. Additional details about the game and the remaining number of prizes can be found on the Iowa Lottery’s official website,

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