Apple AirTag's Role in Recovering Stolen Luggage of Florida Family in North Carolina
Image By: NY Post

Apple AirTag’s Role in Recovering Stolen Luggage of Florida Family in North Carolina

Suppose arriving at your vacation spot only to discover that your luggage is not at the baggage claim. This unfortunate scenario became a reality for the Gavino family from Miami, who were on their way to their Christmas break via Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.

However, a small piece of technology turned their situation around. Catherine Gavino had placed an Apple AirTag inside her parents’ suitcase. This compact device, designed to help locate lost items, played a crucial role in recovering their stolen luggage.

Upon realizing that one of their suitcases was missing, Gavino activated the AirTag using her cellphone. It indicated that the luggage was moving westward on Interstate 85, heading towards Gastonia.

The family decided to follow the signal, leading them to a neighborhood. Unfortunately, the AirTag stopped displaying its location at a certain point, prompting the family to suspend their search.

On Christmas Day, Gavino checked the AirTag location again and found an address in Gastonia. After contacting the police, they were directed to a house where they not only recovered their missing luggage but also another suitcase belonging to a different victim.

Catherine Gavino stated to Queen City News, “I wanted justice,” demonstrating her resolve to get their possessions back. Regretfully, the police said that practically everything that had been in the luggage had been taken and probably sold for money.

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