Arrest Made in Blountstown High School Football Altercation Incident
Image Source: WKRG

Arrest Made in Blountstown High School Football Altercation Incident

A recent incident gaining traction on social media has provided additional information about an altercation that occurred last Friday. This incident unfolded during the third quarter of a football match between Blountstown and Marianna in Calhoun County.

According to a report from the Blountstown Police Department, on September 8th, a physical altercation transpired on the football field involving two players. This dispute escalated to the point where one player used the other’s helmet to strike him in the head.

As a result, the victim was taken to the hospital and subsequently airlifted to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. The involved players have been identified as Gavin Lambeth from Blountstown and Ethan Lipford from Marianna.

Recently, it was confirmed by Blountstown police that Lambeth has been arrested and charged with felony aggravated battery. Additional footage has emerged showing what transpired after the incident in the third quarter.

According to video obtained by NewsChannel 7, Lipford continued to participate in the game even after receiving blows to the head from Lambeth.

The incident report also confirmed that Lipford remained in the football game following the initial altercation.

News Channel 7 attempted to reach out to the families of both players, as well as officials from Marianna and Blountstown schools, and the superintendents of both Calhoun and Jackson County. However, no further details were provided.